Terence Parkin is raising funds for Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation

Renowned athlete and Olympic Medalist Terence Parkin is taking on an incredible test of stamina and strength in an effort to raise money for the Deaf Children's Learn to Swim and Water Safety Programme. 

Parkin himself was born deaf and overcame his personal challenges to become the most celebrated Deaflympic athlete in the world and a silver medal winner in the 2000 Summer Olympics. His natural talents as a swimmer and his passionate advocacy for young deaf athletes led to the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation recently naming him as one of their Ambassadors. He travels across the world giving talks on issues around water safety, preventing drowning fatalities and coaching children on how to swim. 

Parkin intends to do a 5 day, 723km mountain bike cycle tour from Johannesburg to Midmar, where he will do a 13km swim. He will then do a 33km run and end off with a 124km, 3 day Dusi canoe marathon. It’s an enormous challenge to his ability as an athlete but he feels up for the test, in the name of a worthy cause.

“I want to help children in SA to reach their full potential and grow into healthy adults,” Parkin says of his cause. “Swimming has been an incredible positive influence in my life and I want children with hearing difficulties and other challenges to experience something similar. Who knows, there may be more Olympic medalists out there in SA that we can reach through this initiative!”

Her Serene Highness, Princess Charlene of Monaco, endorses Terence's initiative and is proud of his energy and commitment to the cause of water safety and drowning prevention, which is a key focus of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation. Fellow Olympian, swimmer and CEO of the PCMFSA, Ryk Neethling, says that the Foundation is behind Parkin 100% and encourages other South Africans to lend their support to this worthy cause.

overall progress

raised R48 570,00 goal R100 000,00



Name Message Donation
Joe Mouton Terence, you've become a ledgend! Proud of you!! R350
Anon Well done! R200
Bogumil Gieros Well done you have your completed 902km. I am impressed indeed. R100
Johan - BTA Well done Terence! You are talent! Keep well! R250
Angus McFarlane True Legend. Well done Terrence. R500
Erika Thompson Amazing! Well done R350
Trevor & Cheryl Spykerman Well done Terence, you have inspired us. We are proud of you to support the children for swimming lessons R500
Donna Snyder Watched from the USA. Great job Terence! R1 000
Louis Neethling It’s important for Deaf children to learn to swim. Well Done to you. From us all. R1 000
Tadhg Slattery You are real rock legends. You already made 907km and not 902km. Go Terence. The Slattery and Mdol disability swimming squad. R1 000
John Keitsemore Good luck. God bless you R100
Dean Hecker You are a machine mate, Proud of you. Cheers from AUS! R300
Jenna Well done Terence, truly inspiring!! Proud of you and all the best. R200
Natalie You are truly inspired to all of us. You make a big difference to the world. You are legend!! Congratulations! R200
Lee Furby Good luck 🍀 R1 000
Yvonne Charalambous You're an inspiration! Keep going. R200
Evangelos Florias Creatures of a Day! Man is merely a shadow of a dream. But when god-given glory comes upon him in victory, a bright light shines upon us, and our life is sweet. Greek poem. R350
Charl Strydom Aim your dream come true.. never give up your dream.. You have plenty motive for your future. Keep up R250
Tracey You’re such a legend! R1 000
Claire Keyser Terence you are a machine, really ...........well done and keep up the swimming coaching to prevent drownings! There are way too many children drowning recently! Very sad situation! R500
Tim Theunissen Keep going Terrence. You are an inspiration and role model to both young generation and old. R500
Cedric angelique You made us proud of you!! R500
Claire Well done Terence, truly inspiring!! Proud of you and all the best. R200
Steven van Kraayenburg Good going R60
Linda Potts You are an inspiration. What a worrhy cause R500
Vaughan Wichmann Inspiration !! R200
Wendls Gray Go Terrence R200
Gary Bonorchis Well done Terrence R200
Grant R200
Martin van musschenbroek Well done Terrence. You are an inspiration to all. R200
Lauren snell Absolutely inspiring 😊 R200
Wayne Englund You go Terrence, we'll done! R500
Darrell Seed Terence you have a huge heart and a goal to succeed. Well done does not do what you do any justice. R100
Jessica Well done, amazing charity R200
Andrew Headley Truly inspiring, well done Terence R100
Heather Campbell Terence what a role model you have been to do many. Your dedication to helping people has been evident since you were a young boy. You make all of us so proud to know you. Wishing you all the best. R500
David and sandra ritchey You are inspired us!! Well done Terence! R500
Barbara Gertenbach R1 000
Evonne Elaine Chetty Well done! Terence. I am proud of u. All of best! R500
Nicky Lanktyd sportman. Dankie dink aan vir kinders.... Trots vir jou R350
Rob Jacobs Go Terence - you're a super legend! R500
Claire-Ann Scott Terence you have achieved so much in your life and you inspire me. All the best lots of love Claire Ann and Brandin R1 000
Wouter Awesome Terrence! Good luck with your challenge. We admire your determination. R500
Cam HB You legend! R500
Dave Duke Hi Terence, I think what you are doing is awesome. You are an inspiration to hearing and non hearing people alike. Go Terence whoooo! R3 000
Didier & Nicolette Peinke Dear Terence, you has inspired us with your adventure in 902 km jourey. As you making a tremendous process and keep it up with good work. We look forward to see you reach the destination. All of love from us all way from UK. R1 000
Susan Weil-Venter We're all the way behind you in spirit! R200
Deanna & Charmaine Klug-Price You made us so proud. R200
Johnny & Chris Good luck, supporting you in our thoughts, you are a brave man. South Africa need more people like you! R200
Shaun Strachan Well done!! Pedal, run, swim, canoe hard! R300
Shane Ensley Well done Terrence. R200
Russell The only oke who can swim straight after eating a chicken burger. We respect you for everything you stand for! R200
enrikus Koekemoer You do miraculous things for showing the whole world deaf can do something. Well Done Terence! R500
Lara Love you lots my brother you Amaze me all the time such an amazing role model! R300
Luke van os You are fantastic positive Deaf sport role model for Deaf people. Well Done Terence! R1 000
Nadine gnesin Fantastic! What a role model! R360
Michelle Tripyear Amazing! Well done R500
Iain Don-Wauchope Thank you for everything you do, Terence. You set a great example for all of us to follow. R500
Bradley Cuthbertson Terence, you are a man amongst men......... Great Family, great future. Thanks for all that you do..... R1 000
Kerry Thank you for the fantastic advocacy work you do for the children of South Africa <3 R200
Benedicte Scott Safe Journey T - you are such an inspiration ! R150
Cliff lyne Excellent job Terence you continue to be an inspiration to so many! Enjoy the challenge! R1 000
lesley forrest Happy Days Terence. Believing in you. R200
Ryan Holton Good luck Terence Hope to see you at the finish for a beer R1 000
Anonymous R18 000

The primary objective of The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation is to save lives by having a global impact on drowning statistics.