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Swimchix Swimathon 2018

Our annual fun CHARITY swimathon will be held on Friday 2nd November. Please help us to make this a roaring success, with as much money raised for Singakwenza and Pink Drive as possible, to help them to continue the great work they are doing in economically disadvantaged communities.

When donating please remember to enter your Sheet Number as the reference so that we can tally them up against the pledges. Thank you so much for supporting us and these wonderful charities!

overall progress

raised R140 140,00 goal R250 000,00



Name Message Donation
Julie Balance of cash taken at event R600
The Inky Shop Swimchix Swimathon Sheet 142 R355
Julie Deposit of cash taken at the event R1 000
Elizabeth Burczak Swimathon R9 000
Schwikkard Schwikkard R600
Camross Selgro R1 000
Kamenthree Naidoo 22 R500
Julie Hay Swimathon funds R4 000
Julie Hay Funds raised by food R5 000
Taryn Zammit 445 R8 300
Pevensey Place P R2 900
Zuluflora R1 000
kath Boast cash R4 000
Elaine Smallbones Sheet number 547 R1 000
Bronwen Holthauzen 92 R560
JEN VAN ROOYEN Janet V 91, 105 & 100. R600
Kerry Rowlands 294 (I think) R5 100
Janet Viedge 91, 100, Noo R1 061
Annette Rennings 611 R500
kath Boast So Proud of this team R5 000
F Brombacher Scrummies Swimathon R10 000
Brendan R50
Scott Stanton 459 R500
Ronald Langford 259 R500
Dion hatton 668 R4 000
Antonic Electrical cc 463 R500
S.Butcher 411 R300
Laura Quin 154 R200
Tamzin Gace 452 R500
Sandi Bryan 65 R2 000
Jerry Buttemer 402 R215
Erin Douglas 105 R50
Debbie Ellis (Erin) 572 R750
Gibcare Healh Solutions 463 R500
Susan Gibson 463 R700
Craig Maud 87 R500
Kate Carlisle-Kitz 714 R300
Adrienne Du Plessis 336 R200
Keagan Hewer 491 R150
Michelle van Zuydam 302 R1 000
Daniel Jacobs 481 R500
Mandy du Toit R310-00 donation to Pink Drive R310
Jordan Baxter 577 R200
Warmington Family No. 211, 231, 220 R450
Pam Golding Properties 123, 699 R500
Hobden Family 479 R200
CLINT ROSS 300 R1 000
Shivaun Earle 566 R800
Catherine Gurney 459 R200
mATTSREST B&B 579 R1 000
Midlands Orthopaedics Biomechanics Laboratory (MOBiL) Lane sponsor with EAP Active R500
S M Mc Gladdery cc /Guy Mc Gladdery 312 R1 000
Lancaster 733 R1 700
Robertson Family Swim your heart out Amy Robertson R300
Beth Earle 111 R100
Beth Earle 210 R300
Marezelda Breet 742 R2 400
The Du Plessis Family 141 R141
joshua Lister 201 R850
Alyssa 141 R80
Taryn Scholtz 141 R200
Avolands CC Lane Sponsorship for Pink Drive Swimathon R1 000
Hayley Tweedale 309 308. 720 R2 300
Dillon Curtin 218 R250
Kinsey Steel Industries 747 R500
Denise Bennett 112 R200
Extreme Machines lane sponsor Extreme Machines R1 000
Cameron Hodson 419 R500
Mandy Allpass 505,692,691 R500
Crickmay & Associates (Pty) Ltd 505,691,692 R1 000
Forward Finance Flow 505,692,691 R300
Jessica Oxenham 568 R525
Pure Beginnings 88 R1 000
Pure Beginnings 127 R1 000
Forest Fairies 360,362,363,365,369,370,371,372,374,375,376,377,379 R2 700
Josie Hewitt 719 R500
Caroline Hewitt 10 R500
Longmarket Girl's School 549 R4 232
Nikki 122 R200
RITA'S SWIM SCHOOL 113 & 114 R600
Heart of Africa Marketing 88 R150
Heart of Africa Marketing 127 R150
Leicester Floors Lane Sponsorship R1 000
Angie Muggleton 281 R500
Coverthegap gap cover specialists R1 000
Odette 459 R600
Cullis Family 307 R1 800
Katherine Bowmaker 28 R800
Kate Wise 25 R341
Midlands Orthopaedics / Dr James McAllister Lane sponsor R1 000
Pete Odell 747 R500
Busby Oils Natal (PTY) LTD Lane Sponsor R1 000
Kyla K Maartens 26 R100
James Peter Muggleton 285 R500
Maritzburg Auctioneers Lane sponsorship Maritzburg Auctioneers R1 000
Melissa martens 21 R1 800
Zandra Pretorius 216 R20
Laxmans Financial Services R1 000
Greg Downs R1 000
Shelldine Ferguson 22 R500
Jeanette Scholtz 22 R300
Sanjay Harrilall Consulting 22 R500
Seranté Subramanian 40 R150
Bergville Veterinary Clinic 287 R500
Shireen Archibald 216 R50
Bronwen Viedge Viedge Chix R2 500
Debra Stegmann 111 R250
TWC Swimathon TWC Swimathon R1 750
Chantal Stieger 112 R200
Speedy Locksmith Speedy Locksmiths R1 000
Bridget Schwartz 111 R300
Pacer Swimwear R1 000
Joanne Divall 111 R150
Cut Right Kitchens Cut Right Kitchens R1 000
Deon Elsworth Janet Viedge - ADPET Lane Sponser R1 000
Nadine Gieseler 111 R300
Penguins Swimming Club R1 000
Debbie Kane-Berman 111 R300
Lambert Brothers Lane sponsorship (Fay Vickery) R1 000
Troy Pharmaceuticals Lane sponsorship (organised by Fay Vickery) R1 000
Patrick Rule As discussed with Carol Fourie R2 000