Julie Hay is raising funds for Singakwenza

2018 promises to be a momentous year. It is my 5th consecutive 8 Mile event and the year I turn 50!

I have therefore decided to set myself the momentous goal of raising R50 000 for Singakwenza this time, and I would be SO grateful for your help to get me there. This money will be used to launch a new Singakwenza programme - making our training available to even MORE parents and educators! 

overall progress

raised R68 997,60 goal R50 000,00



Name Message Donation
Swimathon R5 500
swimchix R436
Jackie Hattingh Well done Jules, so very proud of you. R300
Fran Steart You’re an amazing inspiration Julz - keep shining your light and reaching those that many forget about...lots of love and best wishes!! Xx R200
Robyn Becker Congrats on this awesome achievement Julie. All the best for ur big swim. #justkeepswimming R100
The Locks Go Jules!! You are AMAZING in every way! Enjoy the weekend - so much hard work into training and fund raising. The weekend is about having fun and enjoying it. xxxxxx R100
Nicky Holdsworth R250
Reg Zammit R2 000
Paul Barron R4 000
Sarah Giles Good Luck Juls. Will be thinking of you so much. You are such an inspiration of courage and determination. xx R150
Belinda Wood To my beautiful friend - You are such an inspiration! Wish I was swimming with you!! Love and miss you! B R3 000
Jana Grobler Enjoy every moment of your 8 swims. Will be honoured to be in the water with you. R100
Con Roux Be strong Jules. Such an incredible inspiration!!! R1 000
Sue Chadwick Go Julie! You star! R250
Sarah Reynolds Julie, may it be your best swim ever and may Singakwenza continue to inspire, educate and ultimately bring joy to so many little people. R100
Nicki curry R100
Tracey Marshall So proud to call you my friend Juls xxx R1 000
Lisa Hobson Good Luck Jules - you rock! R100
Andrea Forsyth For one awesome friend.... who is often in my thoughts... You will be amazing Jules R200
Jill & Liz The other half ...... R200
Rochelle and Seelan R1 000
Jane I'm in awe of your swimming feats! R250
A walk with Elephants fundraiser R7 557
Liz Beach & Jill Meaker All the best Jules! You're a legend! R200
Tanya Hulse Good luck Julie - what an incredible undertaking! R250
Pearl & Andrew Jules we think you are amazing... getting your costume dirty with the rest of us! Keep smiling and keep inspiring! R200
Russell Munroe Good luck R100
Laureen Confait Wishing you perfect weather and conditions for your swimming weekend! R100
Carol What a way to celebrate your 50th year!! All the very best Juls! Your commitment, enthusiasm and love of what you do at Singakwenza is so special. R500
Debbie mcCarthy You are amazing Juls. Go for it R2 500
Robyn Hedley Go Julie! You are a superstar. xx R50
Brenda Hallowes You go gal! Well done. R250
Lesley williams Well done!! R250
Janet Mill Good luck Jules I admire you all so much h and will be thinking if you as you plough through that lovely water R500
Lucy Usher Congratulations on your special milestone birthday, Jules - and how fantastic that you're choosing to celebrate it like this. You are amazing! All the best for the big swim! R200
A Friend I'm so proud of you! R2 500
Sarah Cole-Edwardes All the best Julie! You are an incredible lady with a heart of absolute service and a true inspiration to so many. We are very proud of you. Lots of love, Sarah, Gracie and Joel Cole-Edwardes 💛 R300
Amy Cronwright You are an inspiration Julie! R200
Joanna Ngwenya Good luck Julie, great achievement well done R50
Mary Martens You’re an inspiration - all the very best for 2 days in the water xx R200
Mags ♡ I feel so privileged to know you and to have learnt from you Juls. You live your life with passion and purpose. Have fun in the water!!! ♡ R100
Alan You are a star!! R100
Kirsty Hay So proud of you mum! ❤ R200
Belinda Kidd You are my shero! R500
Claire Willows Juls, thank you for inspiring us on the land and in the water! You are truly awesome. R200
Linda Hill So proud of you and what you have achieved and to be part of your team (Not in the water, supporting from dry land 😅). You can do it ! R200
Hilton Veterinary Hospital You are an inspiration Julie R500
CSI ELECTRCIAL CC Congrats on an amazing acheivement Julie. Good luck! R500
Daphne Hope you reach your target!! Enjoy the swim!! R100
Vanessa Gurney You are amazing Jules - your 5th 8 mile !!! I hope you have a great swim this year and Singakwenza can really benefit from the funds raised xx R200
The Green family R100
Tracy Julz, you are one amazing lady! The work you do is unbelievable. Well done to you and your team 💜 looking forward to spending the weekend with you. R100
Tracy Karlsen Julie you are amazing!!! R100
Su and Iain Don-Wauchope Looking forward to what else you achieve in your 50th year......(no pressure)! R250
Shobha Khan R1 000
Tara Barron R1 000
Brad Ray R50 for an awesome nearly-50-year-old! See you at the dam! R50
Mark Backhouse R100
Cindy Backhouse R100
Mark Emerson Go for it Julie. You are an inspiration R50
Penelope Alison Rock star swimmer you are!! R200
Kath Mc You are truly an amazing lady... R500
Jo Webber Awesome Julie, you're an inspiration! Enjoy the swim :-) R100
Jacqui Congrats on your 5th 8 Mile! You're an inspiration. I'm honoured to be swimming with you and for Singakwenza again. R2 500
Nikki Sinclair Go Jules - you are awesomeness personified. R500
Jill Cribbins R250
Lisa Robertson You are such an inspiration! All the best for the swim, wishing you calm waters xL R250
Kerry Rowlands R50
Scilla Edmonds Keep making a difference ...you are awesome! R200
Celeste smith Go Jules!! You’re amazing! R100
Lynn Jones You got this Julie R800
Sharon Wahl You are a star Julie🌟well done. R200
Annie Waterhouse Good Luck Julie, you are such a star. R100
Swimathons R6 355
The Jones Family R200
Ann Gray Thank you for being my "buddy" again in the practice swim on 23 December. R100
Jo-Anne Bushell Jules, you are such an inspiration in all that you do. May Singakwenzi grow from strength to strength and may your 50th year be a wonderful year for you! lots of love and hugs x R200
Steve and Sal Jules you are one amazing lady. Looking forward to seeing you achieve your goal. R1 000
Ann Gray Thank you for being my "buddy""in the practice swim at Midmar Dam on 19 November. All the best as you reach your BIG 5 in both Fundraising and your Age. R100
SwimChix Swimathon R6 500
Gina Clowes My dearest Juls wish I had the whole lot to give you! Good luck... 5 is fantastic!!! May Singakwenza go from strength to strength under your guidance. R1 000
SwimChix Swimathon R875
Caroline Richter Jules - You are a hero! R500
SwimChix Swimathon R2 625
Lauren Grose You are such an inspiring woman. Good luck🌟 R200
Frances Weedon You're such an inspiration....i know you'll reach your goal and more!! 😙 R200
Suzi de Gouveia You go Jules. Cheering you on from Nee Zealand. R500
Debbie McCarthy All the best Juls R1 000
Bridget wise R200

Singakwenza, meaning “We can do it!”, is a non-profit organisation based in Kwa-Zulu Natal which builds sustainable Early Childhood Education programmes in economically disadvantaged communities, using recycling to make resources.

033 343 1650