lauren lowry is raising funds for Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife

After 21 Midmar Miles and many other endurance races, I thought it was about time I swam all 8 Midmar Miles.

overall progress

raised R 10 150,00 goal R 10 000,00



Name Message Donation
Peter lowry Good luck Koeks R 1 000
Luv Wood Good luck my friend R 400
The Benzies Enjoy every stroke. Will swim one with you 😘 R 500
Loryn Holmes From one Rhino Supporter to another! Don't wait for me ..... I'll do my best to catch up! R 200
Carryn Tennent Go for it - nail it! R 350
The Holds Well done and best wishes R 500
Anne east Train well and pace yourself and you will ACE it. I remember well you making Dad have a No.2 haircut if he was to swim Midmar with you as he kept stopping to flick his hair out of his eyes when training!! Sending lots of love, Mom xx R 500
Jules & Mitch Well done Lauren! Enjoy it 😘 R 250
The Obies Good luck, Lauren! R 500
Carol jessop Super impressed! Good luck and enjoy! R 300
John and belinda lomax Good luck on the swim and your fundraising. Eleven years on and we still think of you all R 500
Melinda west Good luck Lollipop. I will always remember how you used to fall asleep in English, after your hectic swim sessions, and I'd have to wake you when Mrs Smith gave you the eyeball. Xx R 500
Annette I challenge David Sternberg and any of his fellow bearded brothers, lumberjacks, vikings, hipsters and hobos to match or better my donation! Go Lauren! R 250
vicky Lolly, you will ace it, so proud of you xxxx R 500
cheryl & brad Good Luck Lol!! R 500
Wendy Hollingsworth You are amazing Lol - I have absolutely no doubt that you are going to do this! R 500
JENNY EAST Good luck for the 8 Mile. Know you can do it, love Nigel & Jenny R 1 000
CAROLYN ROCHAT Go smash it Lauren! Will swim one with you :) R 300
DALE JOHNSON Go Girl ! I am 7 swims behind you .. ha ha ! Enjoy ! R 200
Peter & Jenny Atkinson The water won’t be the same colour as Croatia but enjoy your swim all the same. R 400
Anonymous Will be a walk in the park for you 👍🏻👍🏻 R 1 000

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