Jason Raath is raising funds for CHOC

This year marks my 6th 8 Mile Club, now called the Charity 8 Challenge. Each year we get to swim all 8 events over the Midmar mile weekend, and we get to raise funds for a worthy cause in the process. 8 Miles of swimming over the two days.

Event number 7 this year will mark my 50th Midmar crossing, so I'm super stoked. It's my fourth year swimming for CHOC, that too is also a biggie. I'll be doing a lot in my CHOC kit over the next few months, whether it's riding my bike, running or swimming, the next few months will be dedicated to raising money for this very worthy cause.

Erin will be joining me for her third year swimming Midmar Mile (I can't wait for that).

I have, since I started raising money for CHOC, raised over R75,000 with over R35,000 raised last year alone. Owing to COVID-19, our fundraising targets have been reduced somewhat this year, so we as swimmers are under a lot less pressure. The reduced pressure on us though does mean that the charities are under significant pressure as well, so please contribute where you can. Given the fact that people are under pressure, charities suffer a great deal. Every penny counts!!!

overall progress

raised R9 900,00 goal R10 000,00



Name Message Donation
Ingrid & Nan R400
Minke Fourie R1 000
Elizabeth Wallis Keep on swimming buddy! R1 000
Rick de Villiers - FuzzyLogic R1 000
Michael Porter Give it horns!!! R500
Stephen Venter Go for it J R500
Chris & Shannon Betghe Privileged to be able to contribute to this worthy cause! Thank you Jason for giving of your time to help CHOC, and blessing so many by doing so. Wishing you all the best of luck! R3 000
Rosebud Norton Best of luck dearest Jas- you are amazing. Look forward to hopefully seeing you at T and K’s❤️ R500
Butch Go for it Jason! R1 000
Nigel & Mel Porter Good luck Jason. We are delighted to sponsor you - thank you for what you do for CHOC. Much love. Xoxoxo R1 000

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