about us

kydrin foundation is a registered non-profit company in South Africa (2015/363569/08).

Our goal is to help other charities raise funds and to maximise the percentage of the donations they receive by charging the lowest possible admin fee. Since 2016 we have charged 0% admin fee - 100% of all donations have been handed over to the charities on our site. We hope to be able to continue this service for free.

kydrin was founded by three siblings. We are aware of how important donations are to charities, and how much in need of donations nearly every charity is. Our website and current and future features are designed to make fundraising more accessible than the traditional pledge forms and phone calls.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact us at info@kydrin.co.za, or click the button below to make a donation directly to us.

raising money for kydrin

Help us to help charities by supporting kydrin. Your support will allow us to continue to hand over 100% of donations to all charities and non-profit organisations.

our world

We aim to support charities worldwide

our goals

100% of donations have gone to charities since 2016

our reach

We aim to have hundres of charities on board