Rosemary Chite

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Claudia Richard

I will be swimming all 8 miles in February 2019 to raise funds for a disabled swimming club, Mandeville Aquatics Disability Swimming Center of Excellence [MDS].  #Adventuremakesadiffrence

17% donated / R8 300,00 to go

Mandy Eley

8 miles here I come, raising funds to Save our Rhinos! Please donate generously ☺

11% donated / R10 700,00 to go

Robert John Tout

8 Mile 2019 - Protecting the 'Birthplace of Rhino'

102% donated / R1 800,00 over target

Kerry Rowlands

Singakwenza - "WE CAN DO IT!" Thank you for your support... x x

102% donated / R243,00 over target

Sunumbra P

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”

2% donated / R4 900,00 to go

Dean Gray

Dean Gray

79% donated / R3 100,00 to go

Sustaining the Wild Coast

7% donated / R13 989,00 to go

Muhammad Adam

Making a difference together

529% donated / R42 860,00 over target

Andrew Matthews

Taking on the 16 Mile 2019 challenge in support of charity again!

50% donated / R9 950,00 to go

Willie Badenhorst

I Love swimming, I love wildlife and I love life! Sadly had to pull out after accident ... Good luck to all swimmers!

0% donated / R12 000,00 to go

Curwin Francis

102% donated / R300,00 over target

Mandy Eley

Hi, I am raising funds for Wildlands to Save the Rhino, please donate generously!!

16% donated / R10 100,00 to go

Fred Kockott

Fred is swimming in aid of WildOCeans - the marine conservation arm of the WildTrust. WildOceans deserves all the support it gets, particularly for its deep-sea conservation expeditions and associated training of young marine scientists

60% donated / R4 800,00 to go

Andrew O'Mahony

Singakwenza, meaning “We can do it!” is a charity organisation which aims to build sustainable Early Childhood Education programmes in economically disadvantaged areas, using resources made from recycling.

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Chloe von Widdern

I am swimming 8 Mile for the CHOC Foundation. The work that this foundation does is truly inspiring and any donation is greatly appreciated!

83% donated / R2 000,00 to go

Carmen Fair

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. -J.A Barker * Galatians 6:9 *

100% donated / R50,00 over target

Marguerite and Brian Faure

Get involved and do 10ks, donate, and together raise R10k for Christine Revell Children's Home.

45% donated / R5 500,00 to go

Ray Butcher

Raising money for Mandeville Disability Swimming. Please support!

35% donated / R6 500,00 to go

Wavescape SA

Supporting the Wild Swimmers

0% donated / R5 000,00 to go

Team Thembelihle

It is our teams aim and objective to raise in excess of last year’s amount being R 603,600.00.!

160% donated / R391 291,00 over target

Maritime Friends

Supporting the Wild Swimmers and marine conservation

0% donated / R10 000,00 to go

8 Mile Club

The 8 Mile Club swimmers supporting the Wild Swimmers in the inaugural Wild Swim

8% donated / R46 000,00 to go

Mike Proome

Raising funds for CHOC - Keeping more than Hope Alive.

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Frances Brombacher

I am raising funds for Singakwenza for 2019

101% donated / R73,00 over target

Santie Van der Merwe


100% donated / R0,00 over target

Friends Abroad

Supporting the Wild Swimmers

12% donated / R8 800,00 to go

Colin Morgan

Swimming in memory of Paula

148% donated / R5 700,00 over target

Ashleigh Robertson

This is going to be my 6th consecutive 8 Mile event this year, and am so proud to be able to do it in aid of the Early Childhood Education programmes that Singakwenza runs.

130% donated / R3 618,00 over target

Jason Lemmer

Your donation goes to a professional organisation that is not corrupt. NSRI saves lives, it may be you or your family. Please support them.

109% donated / R1 060,00 over target

Wild Friends

Supporting the inaugural Wild Swim

29% donated / R21 270,00 to go

Marius van Reenen

Giving back

52% donated / R14 500,00 to go

Architects Collaborative

Supporting the Wild Swimmers for their inaugural swim in 2019

20% donated / R4 000,00 to go

Nicole Stroebel

Swimming a mile for a smile

88% donated / R100,00 to go

Anna-Marie Snyman

115% donated / R200,00 over target

Africa Ignite

Supporting the Wild Swimmers during their inaugural Wild Swim

0% donated / R15 000,00 to go

Russell Munroe

Russell Munroe

125% donated / R12 485,00 over target

Brad Ray

Taking on the 8 Mile challenge again. It's not going to be easy, but I'm doing it for Singakwenza.

14% donated / R12 850,00 to go

Alex Robertson

This is going to be my 6th consecutive 8 Mile event this year, and am so proud to be able to do it in aid of the Early Childhood Education programmes that Singakwenza runs.

129% donated / R3 523,00 over target

Sally Ralfe

I am swimming the 8 Mile for the 2nd time & feel so privileged to be able to be part of something I love and to raise funds and awareness for CanSA. aQuelle Midmar Mile 2019.

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Dominique Donner

MAKING A DIFFERENCE AND SAVING LIVES! I will be swimming 8 Miles again to raise funds to support this amazing program, identify athletic talent and give people hope and aspirations to achieve greatness. My personal motto: Every child a swimmer

118% donated / R2 100,00 over target

Friends of Med-Evac

Supporting the Wild Swimmers with their inaugural swim

0% donated / R20 000,00 to go

E'Yako Green

Supporting the Wild Swimmers

26% donated / R3 720,00 to go

Colin Gluch

Yet to return to Midmar since 2013, the 8 Mile has been a long overdue dream; but why settle for a mere dream when there is the 16 Mile DUCT was established due to the dire state of this vital KZN catchment region feeding the Durban metropole region

65% donated / R7 000,00 to go

Lisa Schravesande

Raising funds for NSRI by swimming 8 miles of Midmar dam. Very grateful to help raise funds for such a great Institution. Please donate, every cent goes towards a great cause. Proud to be part of this ❤️

109% donated / R1 100,00 over target

Mtentu Lodge

Supporting the Wild Swimmers

0% donated / R5 000,00 to go

Jessica Du Toit

The Midmar Mile is a huge challenge for me but I am so excited to do it both as a personal challenge & bucket list item as well as an opportunity to raise funds for a charity that I feel passionate about.

127% donated / R550,00 over target

Nastasha Morphis

152% donated / R6 200,00 over target

Duncan Cribbins

Duncan and Craig are swimming the Midmar mile to raise funds for Singkawenza

202% donated / R5 100,00 over target

The Wild Swimmers

The pod of swimmers taking part in the pilot Wild Swim

71% donated / R14 560,00 to go

Claudia Richard

Swimming the 8mile has been inspired by the influential friends in my life, for a charity that has brought such joy to so many children. Thank you for your support in my adventure and the on going support of this great organisation.

23% donated / R8 100,00 to go

Ram Barkai

Pls help me to raise fund for the Duzi Umgeni conservation trust

0% donated / R20 000,00 to go

Stan Kozlowski

Stanley Kozlowski is swimming for Wildlands

112% donated / R9 250,00 over target

Gavin Walsh

111% donated / R1 100,00 over target

Anton Botha

In 2019 gaan ek vir die 12de keer die Midmar swem, MAAR die 1ste keer die 8 Myl. Dit doen ek vir Ancia en alle kinders met kanker. (CHOC). Im going to swim the 8 Mile Midmar 2019 for all children with cancer (CHOC). Julle hulp word waardeer.

125% donated / R3 000,00 over target

Tracy Kerr

120% donated / R2 973,00 over target

Amadiba Friends

Supporting the Wild Swimmers during their inaugural 2019 swim

0% donated / R9 950,00 to go

Reino von Wielligh

I am swimming the 16 mile at the aQuelle Midmar Mile 2019 (9/10 Feb) for the DUCT charity. Please support my fundraising by donating and sharing.

100% donated / R0,00 over target