Amadiba Friends

Supporting the Wild Swimmers during their inaugural 2019 swim

0% donated / R9 950,00 to go

Andrew O'Mahony

Singakwenza, meaning “We can do it!” is a charity organisation which aims to build sustainable Early Childhood Education programmes in economically disadvantaged areas, using resources made from recycling.

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Dean Gray

Dean Gray

79% donated / R3 100,00 to go

Team Thembelihle

It is our teams aim and objective to raise in excess of last year’s amount being R 603,600.00.!

160% donated / R391 291,00 over target

Tracy Kerr

120% donated / R2 973,00 over target

Dominique Donner

MAKING A DIFFERENCE AND SAVING LIVES! I will be swimming 8 Miles again to raise funds to support this amazing program, identify athletic talent and give people hope and aspirations to achieve greatness. My personal motto: Every child a swimmer

118% donated / R2 100,00 over target

Louis Munnick

108% donated / R1 000,00 over target

Lisa Schravesande

Raising funds for NSRI by swimming 8 miles of Midmar dam. Very grateful to help raise funds for such a great Institution. Please donate, every cent goes towards a great cause. Proud to be part of this ❤️

109% donated / R1 100,00 over target

Muhammad Alli Naroth

Raising funds for the NSRI gives me great pride as they keep the beaches and marine life safe on a voluntary basis. It also gives the open water swimmers like myself a sense of comfort that the NSRI is on standby should they be needed.

108% donated / R900,00 over target

Tori Karg de Almeida

I'll be stepping out of my comfort zone and swimming 8 miles for a fantastic charity - CHOC!

213% donated / R13 586,00 over target

Ashleigh Robertson

This is going to be my 6th consecutive 8 Mile event this year, and am so proud to be able to do it in aid of the Early Childhood Education programmes that Singakwenza runs.

130% donated / R3 618,00 over target

Duncan Cribbins

Duncan and Craig are swimming the Midmar mile to raise funds for Singkawenza

202% donated / R5 100,00 over target

Claudia Richard

Swimming the 8mile has been inspired by the influential friends in my life, for a charity that has brought such joy to so many children. Thank you for your support in my adventure and the on going support of this great organisation.

23% donated / R8 100,00 to go

Michael Slattery

21% donated / R9 500,00 to go

Alex Robertson

This is going to be my 6th consecutive 8 Mile event this year, and am so proud to be able to do it in aid of the Early Childhood Education programmes that Singakwenza runs.

129% donated / R3 523,00 over target

Fred Kockott

Fred is swimming in aid of WildOCeans - the marine conservation arm of the WildTrust. WildOceans deserves all the support it gets, particularly for its deep-sea conservation expeditions and associated training of young marine scientists

60% donated / R4 800,00 to go

Friends of Med-Evac

Supporting the Wild Swimmers with their inaugural swim

0% donated / R20 000,00 to go

Megan Lombard

I will be swimming the 2019 Midmar 8 Mile for the Friends of Swimmers Trust. Please help me to make a difference and save lives, through raising funds to help create awareness for drowning prevention.

101% donated / R150,00 over target

Mandy Eley

Hi, I am raising funds for Wildlands to Save the Rhino, please donate generously!!

16% donated / R10 100,00 to go

Tjaart van der Linde

Join me in supporting children with cancer by donating to CHOC for my Midmar 8 Mile swim. We aim to help those who cannot help themselves. Your support and donation is appreciated far beyond your own imagination.

129% donated / R3 450,00 over target

Claudia Richard

I will be swimming all 8 miles in February 2019 to raise funds for a disabled swimming club, Mandeville Aquatics Disability Swimming Center of Excellence [MDS].  #Adventuremakesadiffrence

17% donated / R8 300,00 to go

Richard Townsend

Your support and contribution will be highly appreciated. Thank you, Richard

84% donated / R2 450,00 to go

Cablan Khaled

2019 will be my fourth 8mile and it has been an absolute privilege swimming for Singakwenza. Julie is an incredible human being and the work she does is worthy of all our support.

154% donated / R6 500,00 over target

Sustaining the Wild Coast

7% donated / R13 989,00 to go

Chloe von Widdern

I am swimming 8 Mile for the CHOC Foundation. The work that this foundation does is truly inspiring and any donation is greatly appreciated!

83% donated / R2 000,00 to go

Athina Macris

60% donated / R8 000,00 to go

Sally Ralfe

I am swimming the 8 Mile for the 2nd time & feel so privileged to be able to be part of something I love and to raise funds and awareness for CanSA. aQuelle Midmar Mile 2019.

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Brad Ray

Taking on the 8 Mile challenge again. It's not going to be easy, but I'm doing it for Singakwenza.

14% donated / R12 850,00 to go

Terence Parkin

Terence Parkin is putting himself to the test to raise funds for the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation from 4-16 February 2019

55% donated / R45 180,00 to go

Nicole Stroebel

Swimming a mile for a smile

88% donated / R100,00 to go

Carla Van huyssteen

Carla van Huyssteen is swimming 8 mile in awareness of and raising funds for Singakwenza!

103% donated / R420,00 over target

Anton Botha

In 2019 gaan ek vir die 12de keer die Midmar swem, MAAR die 1ste keer die 8 Myl. Dit doen ek vir Ancia en alle kinders met kanker. (CHOC). Im going to swim the 8 Mile Midmar 2019 for all children with cancer (CHOC). Julle hulp word waardeer.

125% donated / R3 000,00 over target

Marius van Reenen

Giving back

52% donated / R14 500,00 to go

Wavescape SA

Supporting the Wild Swimmers

0% donated / R5 000,00 to go

Andrew Carey

The Friends of Swimmers Trust is a charity doing amazing work in South Africa. Please support them by donating to my maiden Midmar 8 miler.

107% donated / R850,00 over target

Africa Ignite

Supporting the Wild Swimmers during their inaugural Wild Swim

0% donated / R15 000,00 to go

Curwin Francis

102% donated / R300,00 over target

Architects Collaborative

Supporting the Wild Swimmers for their inaugural swim in 2019

20% donated / R4 000,00 to go

Sabine Verryn

Having been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and a recurrence early 2016 I am personally aware that early detection saves lives. This is my 5th 8-mile swim - PLEASE support me in this cause. You can donate via

102% donated / R200,00 over target

Robert John Tout

8 Mile 2019 - Protecting the 'Birthplace of Rhino'

102% donated / R1 800,00 over target

Maritime Friends

Supporting the Wild Swimmers and marine conservation

0% donated / R10 000,00 to go

Lindsay de Kock

So many loved ones suffer from cancer they those who can't afford care need help

74% donated / R3 150,00 to go

Keli Reynolds

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Emil Berning

Please support this incredibly worthy Cause!

180% donated / R20 000,00 over target

Ashleigh Fitzgerald

127% donated / R3 250,00 over target

Russell Munroe

Russell Munroe

125% donated / R12 485,00 over target

Carmen Fair

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. -J.A Barker * Galatians 6:9 *

100% donated / R50,00 over target

Craig Fitzgerald

113% donated / R1 540,00 over target

Daniel Mark Botha

102% donated / R300,00 over target

Carol Fourie

This is my 5th swim for PinkDrive, a charity close to my heart. My swim is for all those who have battled and for those still fighting against cancer.

188% donated / R10 507,00 over target

Joshua Campbell

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Pippa Brown

129% donated / R3 500,00 over target

Mandy Eley

8 miles here I come, raising funds to Save our Rhinos! Please donate generously ☺

11% donated / R10 700,00 to go

Rick Ferreira

4th 8-mile for Mandeville

120% donated / R4 000,00 over target

Ram Barkai

Pls help me to raise fund for the Duzi Umgeni conservation trust

0% donated / R20 000,00 to go

Sunumbra P

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”

2% donated / R4 900,00 to go

Daniella Baiocchi

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Nina Gersohn

I am honored to be participating in the 8 Mile Club, in 2019, in order to raise money for the NSRI- one of the unspoken few who contribute unwaveringly to our safety and society.

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Cara du Plooy

108% donated / R950,00 over target

Linda Frances Adam

This is my 6th 8-Mile swim for the Pink Drive. I am swimming because I love it and because I can!

199% donated / R11 850,00 over target

The Wild Swimmers

The pod of swimmers taking part in the pilot Wild Swim

58% donated / R20 760,00 to go

Mtentu Lodge

Supporting the Wild Swimmers

0% donated / R5 000,00 to go

Nic Cloete-Hopkins

Nic Cloete-Hopkins Midmar Fundraising (Note Raffle Opportunity)

115% donated / R1 850,00 over target

Stan Kozlowski

Stanley Kozlowski is swimming for Wildlands

112% donated / R9 250,00 over target

Chad Gifford

If you don't know me, here's some info I'm a bi-lateral amputee (no legs) paraplegic (can't walk) who thrives on taking on various swimming challenges

138% donated / R7 610,00 over target

Reino von Wielligh

I am swimming the 16 mile at the aQuelle Midmar Mile 2019 (9/10 Feb) for the DUCT charity. Please support my fundraising by donating and sharing.

100% donated / R0,00 over target

E'Yako Green

Supporting the Wild Swimmers

26% donated / R3 720,00 to go

Tom Maydon

In 2019 I will be swimming my first 8-Mile at Midmar. Help me raise funds for Wildlands Conservation Trust.

98% donated / R270,00 to go

Andrew Ford

Andrew Swims 8 Mile for Wildlands Conservation Trust

44% donated / R6 700,00 to go

Gavin Walsh

111% donated / R1 100,00 over target

Kerry Rowlands

Singakwenza - "WE CAN DO IT!" Thank you for your support... x x

102% donated / R243,00 over target

Marguerite and Brian Faure

Get involved and do 10ks, donate, and together raise R10k for Christine Revell Children's Home.

45% donated / R5 500,00 to go

Colin Morgan

Swimming in memory of Paula

148% donated / R5 700,00 over target

Jessica Du Toit

The Midmar Mile is a huge challenge for me but I am so excited to do it both as a personal challenge & bucket list item as well as an opportunity to raise funds for a charity that I feel passionate about.

127% donated / R550,00 over target

Ray Butcher

Raising money for Mandeville Disability Swimming. Please support!

35% donated / R6 500,00 to go

Ephraim Moss

I've taken on the challenge to swim 8 miles. I challenge you to help me raise at least R12 000 for an indispensable cause!

24% donated / R9 120,00 to go

Chris McEwen

Swimming my second 8 Mile for CANSA! As always, this one is for you Mom but also everyone else affected in some way by this terrible disease.

118% donated / R2 100,00 over target

Andrew Matthews

Taking on the 16 Mile 2019 challenge in support of charity again!

50% donated / R9 950,00 to go

Mike Proome

Raising funds for CHOC - Keeping more than Hope Alive.

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Anna-Marie Snyman

115% donated / R200,00 over target

Willie Badenhorst

I Love swimming, I love wildlife and I love life! Sadly had to pull out after accident ... Good luck to all swimmers!

0% donated / R12 000,00 to go

8 Mile Club

The 8 Mile Club swimmers supporting the Wild Swimmers in the inaugural Wild Swim

8% donated / R46 000,00 to go

Jani Maritz

Honoured to be part of the 8 Mile Club once again!

106% donated / R700,00 over target

Bernhard Westra

Follow me !

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Katie Chambers

Hello everyone, it is that time of year again for me to start training for the 8 miles and raising funds for the Singakwenza team. Any support would be greatly appreciated to help me meet my goal of R 12 000 to change children's lives! Big thanks

145% donated / R5 400,00 over target

Rosemary Chite

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Muhammad Adam

Making a difference together

529% donated / R42 860,00 over target

Jason Lemmer

Your donation goes to a professional organisation that is not corrupt. NSRI saves lives, it may be you or your family. Please support them.

109% donated / R1 060,00 over target

Terry Swait

We can make a difference.... bit by bit

142% donated / R5 050,00 over target

Santie Van der Merwe


100% donated / R0,00 over target

Nastasha Morphis

152% donated / R6 200,00 over target

Catherine Bassage

185% donated / R10 207,00 over target

Frances Brombacher

I am raising funds for Singakwenza for 2019

101% donated / R73,00 over target

Ralph Davies

3rd 8 Mile here we come. The CHOC kids need your support. Come on, Don't be shy, Give generously to an awesome cause.

276% donated / R35 150,00 over target

Samantha Kruger

Sam Kruger

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Friends Abroad

Supporting the Wild Swimmers

12% donated / R8 800,00 to go

Odette Randelhoff

I'm swimming my 7th consecutive 8 miles for Pink Drive. My late husband, Robin, fought sooooo bravely but lost the battle. These swims are a tribute to him and allllll the others who have are are affected by cancer. Please help me in my efforts.

90% donated / R1 260,00 to go

Wild Friends

Supporting the inaugural Wild Swim

17% donated / R24 820,00 to go

Sam Whelpton

7% donated / R18 673,00 to go

Karusha Moodley

11% donated / R10 700,00 to go

Colin Gluch

Yet to return to Midmar since 2013, the 8 Mile has been a long overdue dream; but why settle for a mere dream when there is the 16 Mile DUCT was established due to the dire state of this vital KZN catchment region feeding the Durban metropole region

65% donated / R7 000,00 to go

Gina Laurie

111% donated / R1 300,00 over target