Rico Bloemhoff

Donations for Ezemvelo Kzn Wildlife to safe our rhinos.

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Sean and Alison Uys

Alison and Sean Uys are swimming 8 Mile in order to raise R20 000 for Singakwenza.

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Nicole Neethling

Climbing Kilimanjaro for Animal Allies

73% donated / R4 050,00 to go

Samantha Whelpton

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Werner Whelpton

Swimming 8 mile raising funds for EZEMVELO KZN WILDLIFE TRUST. Any donation will be much appreciated!

118% donated / R1 750,00 over target

Ashleigh Robertson

202% donated / R10 160,00 over target

Dominique Donner-Rodd

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Angela Maud

Can't believe that I am lucky enough to get to raise funds for PinkDrive and to swim my second 8 Mile.

190% donated / R8 992,00 over target

Chloe von Widdern

The work that CHOC does is truly inspiring, and the courage of the recipients of this charity is the motivation behind my undertaking of this event. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated in this regard.

250% donated / R15 000,00 over target

Kath Boast

I feel lucky to be involved in this incredible event for the 6th time. Lets hope we can make a real difference in the communities around South Africa by raising funds for this very special, highly effective and amazing charity.

176% donated / R11 392,00 over target

Family Byrne

Russel, Nicholas and Geordi Byrne are raising funds for The Wildlands Conservation Trust. They are no strangers to The 8 Mile Club as Russel will be doing his 3rd, Nick will be doing his 5th and Geordie her 3rd. Russel is a super proud father !

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Team Kyla and Matthew

Team Kyla and Matthew will once again be raising funds for CHOC :)

100% donated / R52,00 over target

Chantal Chegwidden

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Terence Parkin

902km of guts, grit and glory - Terence Parkin is putting himself to the test for SA youth

49% donated / R51 430,00 to go

Catherine Bassage

184% donated / R8 392,00 over target

Shelly-Ann McHendrie

Cancer affects us all! I am making a difference in someone's life by supporting a worthy cause

14% donated / R8 650,00 to go

Mandy Eley

60% donated / R4 000,00 to go

Natalie Steyn

Swimming my first 8 Mile for Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife! Accepting the challenge to make a difference...

188% donated / R8 788,00 over target

Shane Le Breton

106% donated / R650,00 over target

Jenna Murray

Help me to make my swims mean more than just another swim across the dam, help me to help those children who will make our South Africa bright. I'm raising money for Singakwenza during this years Midmar Mile.

108% donated / R400,00 over target

Elizabeth Burczak

236% donated / R13 627,00 over target

nicky irvine

Raising money for CHOC,

100% donated / R50,00 over target

David Clark

125% donated / R2 500,00 over target

Kerry Rowlands

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead. Help me to change the future of hundreds of young kids by donating to Singakwenza, my 8 Mile charity!

83% donated / R3 465,00 to go

Marius van Reenen

16 miles over two days - or the equivalent of running two 2 Oceans Marathons over two days - is my small contribution to DUCT. Please add yours here.

79% donated / R5 250,00 to go

Gabriella Jordaan

I've been swimming Midmar since 2001 and will be completing my second 8 mile in 2018 :)

122% donated / R2 200,00 over target

Joni Symon

How do we plan to raise money for Animal Allies you ask? Well, to SUMMIT up nicely, we are climbing Kilimanjaro for this Paws-itive(ly) unbelievable cause! <3

56% donated / R4 450,00 to go

Tony Bath

2018 is going be my first 8 Mile and I’ll be swimming for The Cancer Association of South Africa’s - CANSA’s

139% donated / R3 900,00 over target

karen kennedy

110% donated / R1 000,00 over target

Tegan Crymble

Hello there :) Please help me reach my R10 000 target so that I can swim 8 miles, try not to drown, and raise money for a great cause through Mandeville Disability Swimming. Thank you!

114% donated / R1 355,00 over target

James McAllister

I'm swimming on behalf of Kath Boast and we would appreciate your support!

114% donated / R1 392,00 over target

carol sacke

I am swimming 8 Miles in memory of Kelli my precious daughter

147% donated / R4 700,00 over target

Megan Albertyn

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Matthew Collins

105% donated / R500,00 over target

Ray Butcher

8mile Club

77% donated / R2 280,00 to go

Annemarie Dressler

Annemarie Dressler swimming for Pink Drive

142% donated / R4 200,00 over target

Odette Randelhoff

Hi. Swimming my 6th consecutive 8 miles for Pink Drive. My late husband, Robin, fought sooooo bravely but lost the battle. These swims are a tribute to him and allllll the others who have are are affected by cancer. Please help me in my efforts.

120% donated / R1 960,00 over target

Marguerite and Brian Faure

Help us raise R20 000 for the Early Childhood development program at Christine Revell Children's home.

35% donated / R12 990,00 to go

Marcelle Webber

75% donated / R2 500,00 to go

Justine Johnson

I will be swimming the 8 mile at Midmar 2018 for Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife.

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Stan Kozlowski

Swimming for the Wildlands Conservation Trust.

156% donated / R44 450,00 over target

Janet Viedge

6th time for PINK DRIVE!

184% donated / R8 392,00 over target

Nico van der Walt

Midmar Mile, 8 Mile Save-the-Rhino Swim Campaign

100% donated / R0,00 over target


Hi everyone. This will be my very first Midmar 8 Mile challenge yipppeee! I will be raising funds for SAVE THE RHINO campaign which is part of the Ezemvelo KNZ Wildlife organisation :) Help me raise money for this excellent cause.

105% donated / R500,00 over target

Alex Robertson

173% donated / R7 291,00 over target

Michelle Walford

We are swimming all eight Midmar Mile events over two days, to raise funds for this worthy cause!

129% donated / R2 900,00 over target

Terry Heller

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Russell Munroe

I love the camaraderie of the 8 mile and all the event embodies. I am looking forward to another year of "fun"draising and swimming for singakwenza.

98% donated / R1 519,00 to go

Richard Townsend

Richard Townsend raising funds for Singakwenza

109% donated / R1 350,00 over target

Francois Viljoen

160% donated / R6 000,00 over target

Katie Chambers

Hi there my name is Kate Chambers and I will be swimming the 8 mile (all 8 of the Aquella Midmar Mile races) as part of the Singkwenza Swim Team, to raise funds for this incredible charity! I thank you in advance fro your donation x

119% donated / R1 900,00 over target

Nicole Harris

As I take part in my fourth 8 Mile fundraiser, help me stand together with the Pink Drive and those battling cancer to show cancer the middle finger! :)

141% donated / R4 080,00 over target

Kevin Banks

Supporting the Sharks rugby is my birth right as a Durban boy - so to be able to give back in this unique way for the conservation of the natural beauty that is KZN is awesome.

100% donated / R1,00 over target

Clara Lubbe

I am 15 years old and will be swimming my first 8 MILE for CANSA! Lets help "lead the fight against cancer in SA"

112% donated / R3 000,00 over target

Team Thembelihle

Team Thembelihle consisting of five participants Dave Maclean, Adrian Blake, Andrew Whitehead, Lindi Robbertze and Marc Daniel are raising funds for the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation

201% donated / R303 600,00 over target

Brad Ray

Very proud that this will be my 5th 8 Mile! I'm swimming all the events at the Midmar Mile for Singakwenza

45% donated / R8 250,00 to go

Odette Victor

I am participating in the 8 miles for CANSA. This is my first attempt for Japie and Marlie

158% donated / R5 800,00 over target

Branden Willows

Maybe I'm crazy to be swimming 8 miles (12.5km) in 2 days, but I love swimming & helping others, so by combining both my passions to raise funds for CHOC was viable. Please donate to aid these amazing child warriors, fighting this horrible disease.

112% donated / R1 150,00 over target

Saranne Hudson

13 time Midmar mile swimmer, 1st time 8 Mile swimmer!

0% donated / R10 000,00 to go

Herman Rens

Swimming 8 Miles to save our Rhinos andin partnership with Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife. Thank you for your Donation! You make a big Difference!

91% donated / R900,00 to go

Sheralee Jolliffe-Cathro

Swimming 8 mile for the 5th time, 4th time for Pinkdrive Charity

184% donated / R8 392,00 over target

Tracy Kerr

My second 8 miles for the such a special organization....Singakwenza <3 <3

105% donated / R957,00 over target

Cablan Khaled

For every R2000 donated from a supporter, I will swim a full MILE (max 8) in my Batman suit. Just to keep things fair, I will exchange my 'Super Hero Suit' for a standard issue lycra plus padding Batman suit - made in China :)

105% donated / R800,00 over target

Niki Hoernle

I have the amazing privilege of swimming the 8-Mile event, and raising money for CHOC. Your support is greatly appreciated.

100% donated / R50,00 over target

Terry Bantock

Proud to associated with Mandeville

100% donated / R0,00 over target


I will be raising funds for the EZEMVELO KZN WILDLIFE CONSERVATION TRUST. My Minimum goal for this fundraiser is R10 000.00.

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Trezanne Mottram

130% donated / R2 955,00 over target

Alan Chown

I am swimming eight miles for KZN Ezemvelo Wildlife to help raise funds for protection and conservation of our remaining rhinos. Any assistance would be fantastic!

255% donated / R15 500,00 over target

Paul Barron

168% donated / R6 800,00 over target

Carol Fourie

This is my 4th 8 mile swim and looking forward to the fun and camaraderie that this event brings, and with it, fundraising for an amazing charity.

236% donated / R13 627,00 over target

Mike Proome

8 Mile swim for Choc

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Henre Louw

Henre Louw swimming 8 miles for CANSA

117% donated / R1 700,00 over target

Cameron Lock

Please support me in raising funds for the most incredible non-profit on this planet. These are the people actively improving individual lives in South Africa, and with it, our entire society.

191% donated / R9 129,00 over target

Damini Parshutam

"Alone we can do so little, Together we can do so much" With my first 8th Mile around the corner, I am delighted to say that I will be raising funds for The Pink Drive. Please help me support this amazing charity.

129% donated / R5 742,00 over target

SANDF Swimming Team

The SANDF swimming team, compromising of both men and women and of all Races, including disabled members. We are on board to support the "Pink Drive" against Cancer.

104% donated / R1 451,00 over target

Dawn Smith

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Jana Schoeman

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Sabine Verryn

Having been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and a recurrence early 2016 I am personally aware that early detection saves lives. This is my 4th 8-mile swim - PLEASE support me in this cause. To donate click

108% donated / R800,00 over target

Nicole Candy

Next year, I'll be swimming all the events of the Midmar Mile to raise funds for Pink Drive. This organisation provides much needed early screening for breast cancer and supports those fighting the disease!

143% donated / R4 270,00 over target

Claire Willows

I’ll be swimming my first Midmar Mile to raise funds for Singakwenza, a non-profit organisation which builds sustainable Early Childhood Education programmes in economically disadvantaged communities using recycling to make resources.

162% donated / R1 000,00 over target

Andrew Matthews

Hey, I'm taking on the 16 Mile challenge in 2018. I am excited to supporting the DUCT charity in their journey to a healthy and biologically diverse uMngeni-uMsunduzi river system. Please support by donating, any amount is gratefully received!

101% donated / R250,00 over target

Cormac Slattery

Can't wait to swim another 8 miles for this worthy cause!!

20% donated / R8 000,00 to go

Ashley Maclachlan

I am excited to attempt my first 8 mile and even more excited at the prospect of raising money for this amazing Foundation! Please support me and donate ...

104% donated / R393,00 over target

Peter Foulis

Join me in raising funds for this worthwhile charity.

110% donated / R1 050,00 over target

Reino von Wielligh

2018 aQuelle Midmar mile - 16 Mile DUCT Charity swim

106% donated / R1 265,00 over target

Charl "Lallie" Oosthuizen

105% donated / R500,00 over target

kim foster

Raising funds for Pink Drive

102% donated / R250,00 over target

Dyani Jeram

Together we can keep more than hope alive.

720% donated / R31 000,00 over target

Linda Smallbones

I am so excited to be swimming my second 8 Mile for this fabulous organization! Thanks for your support!

170% donated / R7 035,00 over target

Dion & Megan Hatton

150% donated / R10 000,00 over target

Sandi Sher

Swimming for C.H.O.C. in my 2nd Midmar 8 Mile Club - giving my all to give back.

105% donated / R700,00 over target

Georgia-Mai Ng-Yu-Tin

126% donated / R5 200,00 over target

Bhavaniya Moodliar

I would like to raise funds for the Mandeville Diasablity swimming.

123% donated / R2 300,00 over target

Pauline Bowman Edgar

133% donated / R4 892,00 over target

Esmari Theart

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Santie Van der Merwe

Santie van der Merwe swims for the development of swimming education in South Africa. Children must swim, not drown.

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Ali Hoernle

I will be swimming the 8 mile fundraiser at the 2018 aQuelle Midmar Mile. I am aiming to raise R10 000 for CHOC. If you are able to donate towards this cause and help me to reach my goal, please follow this link.

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Catherine Bezuidenhout

150% donated / R5 000,00 over target

Craig Pienaar

I am raising funds for The Wildlands Conservation Trust. This will be my 12th 8 Mile Club Fundraiser and I will be completing my 100th official Midmar Mile. Super excited !

75% donated / R2 500,00 to go

Michael Slattery

81% donated / R1 900,00 to go

Shivaun Earle

133% donated / R3 261,00 over target

Jason Cooke

This is my first 8 mile and am honoured to be apart of a great event with a worthy cause!

107% donated / R700,00 over target

Viki van den Barselaar-Smith

Thank you for supporting me in this wonderful initiative. Your donation will go towards helping a child learn to swim and prevent unnecessary drownings along our coastline. Every cent counts and every stroke is totally worth it!

140% donated / R3 950,00 over target

Simon "Scotty" Scott-Moncrieff

This will be my 6th 8 Mile Club Fundraiser. Once again I will be raising funds for The Wildlands Conservation Trust.

188% donated / R8 800,00 over target

Michard Conrad

I am very excited in my first attempt at the 8 Mile Club charity drive. Through my swim I aim to raise funds for Mandeville Disability Swimming. MDS is a great initiative, providing opportunities for young swimmers with disabilities.

22% donated / R7 830,00 to go

Candice Hillcoat

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Raymond Resnick

Ray Resnick is raising funds for Childhood Cancer Foundation

91% donated / R1 200,00 to go

Jessica Thomson

103% donated / R350,00 over target

Philip de Waal

To ensure effective conservation and sustainable use of KwaZulu Natal’s biodiversity in collaboration with stakeholders for the benefit of present and future generations.

103% donated / R300,00 over target


Very passionate about the senseless slaughter of our Rhinos

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Lindsay de Kock

I will be swimming my 5th 8 Mile at Midmar in 2018 and have done more than 50 official crossings of the dam

116% donated / R1 600,00 over target

Keren Wessels

I am Keren Wessels and I will be raising money and swimming 8 miles for the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, to raise awareness for water safety and against drowning.

115% donated / R1 500,00 over target

Marion Kroukam

Singakwenza is really an amazing organisation and I would like to help in some small way to raise funds - so I "just wanna swim" - please help me to reach my target?

179% donated / R790,00 over target

Martin Hobbs

Martin Hobbs is raising funds for Singakwenza This is my first 8 mile at Midmar and i'm hoping, that with your help, we both can be successful in raising funds for Singakwenza. I'll do the swimming if you do the donating......

115% donated / R1 500,00 over target