Wilbur Wright

Raising hope through awareness and relief through funds

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Colin Morgan

Please support me raising funds for this worthy cause.

156% donated / R5 570,00 over target

Jo-anne Barnard

209% donated / R21 850,00 over target

Sally Ralfe

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Gabriel Holl

Swimming 8 Miles to raises funds for CHOC!!!

55% donated / R2 250,00 to go

Herman Rens

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Andrew Ford

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Clara Jones

80% donated / R2 015,00 to go

Brigitte Melly

I am excited to be swimming this epic event (almost 26 km in total) and to raise money for this amazing charity!

118% donated / R1 815,00 over target

Jani Maritz

Swimming Midmar Mile x 8 times in aid of CANSA

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Pierre Naude


190% donated / R4 500,00 over target

Mike Proome

2021, the Year the 8 Mile Covid Swim.

50% donated / R5 000,00 to go

Emil Berning

I am counting on you to help and support my fund raising efforts!

147% donated / R7 000,00 over target

Michael Slattery

135% donated / R3 500,00 over target

Gary Albertyn

Please Help me raise money for a very worthy cause

10% donated / R18 000,00 to go

Christopher Shipley

For the past 2 years I've swum 8 Midmar Miles for Singakwenza (great people, with great hearts), but I'm looking for a new challenge. I'm swimming the 16 Miles, which means no boat ride back to the start of each race.

111% donated / R1 100,00 over target

Georgie Butcher

It has always been a dream of mine to swim the 8 mile, and 2021 seems like the perfect year to give it a try !

100% donated / R9,00 over target

Pippa Brown

Midmar 8 Mile swim challenge for CANSA!

130% donated / R1 500,00 over target

Lisa Kirsch

102% donated / R200,00 over target

Alistair Anquetil

No longer swimming due the change in dates :(

∞% donated / R2 000,00 over target

Dominique Donner

216% donated / R5 800,00 over target

Maxine Luck

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Guy Keeling

". In Vietnam, It has become is a party drug for the wealthy. And yet it offers no real scientific benefits. Its value is artificial, founded on myth and propagated greed." Julian Rademeyer

149% donated / R2 470,00 over target

Kim Parkes

2020 was a truly horrible year but was able to complete my first 8 miles. Taken on the challenge of the 16 miles. Children have always been very close to my heart & to be able to help children suffering from cancer will be an absolute pleasure.

232% donated / R6 600,00 over target

Caren Naudé

"Early detection can prolong a life". Help me help others by donating to this worthy cause!

148% donated / R2 400,00 over target

Jeannie Dreyer

167% donated / R6 700,00 over target


A new year and another 8 miles (12.5km) in two days. Although it might be difficult in some eyes, in my eyes it's for the world of good and an absolute honor to be raising money for this beautiful charity for a 5th year in a row.

92% donated / R500,00 to go

Claudia Richard

106% donated / R300,00 over target

Grant Tate

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Morné Claassen

Charity 8 Mile Challenge for CANSA

108% donated / R400,00 over target

Lauren Culverwell

We Are Braving the Water again to raise money for CANSA active.

85% donated / R1 200,00 to go

Bosman Grobler

I will be swimming for the Chad le Clos foundation. Any small donation will be appreciated. The bigger the team, the better.

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Nadine Freeman

258% donated / R7 880,00 over target

Matthew Wilkes

80% donated / R1 000,00 to go

Justin Wilkes

First Midmar 8 Mile Charity Swim

92% donated / R400,00 to go

Rosemary Chite

266% donated / R4 985,00 over target

Brian Keeling

Rhino horns fetch up to $60,000 per kilo on the black market – more than the price of gold. A diminishing rhino population with increased horn demand exacerbates the problem. Ezemvelo’s efforts to save the Rhino from extinction need our support.

100% donated / R0,00 over target