Rod Klute

This herd is very proud of their bull of a Dad for raising funds for the CHOC childhood cancer foundation SA. Please join them in cheering him on as he tackles 8 miles by donating money towards this excellent cause. No amount is too small.

120% donated / R2 999,00 over target

Kim Parkes

62 years young and looking forward to the challenge.

100% donated / R50,00 over target

Nina Gersohn

Second year swimming for NSRI in the Midmar 8 Mile Club. In the 8 mile club of 2019, I loved every single mile and I cannot wait to do it again. Please help me achieve my goal of raising R12 000 for the wonderful charity for whom I am swimming.

65% donated / R4 180,00 to go

Gail Dundas-Starr

184% donated / R12 612,00 over target

Lauren Justus

Help me raise money to support the wonderful team at The Friends of Swimmers Trust. The angels that teach kids how to swim so as to prevent senseless and heartbreaking drownings. I’ll swim 8 Miles, all you need to do is click and donate!

119% donated / R2 300,00 over target

Rick Ferreira

This will be my fifth 8-mile for MDS

130% donated / R6 000,00 over target

Pippa Brown

8 Mile 2020 - here we go again!

105% donated / R600,00 over target

Colin Gluch

Let’s make a positive impact on the environment! Please assist to help train the community to keep the Umgeni and Duzi rivers clean and healthy.

32% donated / R13 500,00 to go

John Glover

Raising funds for NSRI for Midar 8 Mile Club

26% donated / R8 930,00 to go

tasneem kharva

113% donated / R1 550,00 over target

francois schenck

0% donated / R12 000,00 to go

Samantha Kruger

I am passionate about 16 Miles! I have made great friends along the way. Huge thank you to DUCT which does more than its part in keeping the water so clean and safe to swim in!

76% donated / R4 750,00 to go

Team Thembelihle

Team Thembelihle is raising funds for the aQuellé Midmar Mile

136% donated / R289 847,00 over target

Lianza Grobler

In 2020 it will be my third year swimming all 8miler for CHOC. I am grateful to be able to raise funds for such an amazing charity. Please support me in my quest to raise funds for this worthy cause. Kind regards Lianza Grobler

118% donated / R2 100,00 over target

Jessica Picas

262% donated / R19 422,00 over target

Dominique Donner

Friends of Swimmers has proudly teamed up with Chad Le Clos Foundation and provides and promotes lTS lessons to communities within KZN. Swimmers Trust/ Chad Le Clos Foundation recognises, funds and supports SA elite swimmers.

80% donated / R4 000,00 to go

Mike Proome

This year I will be swimming my 9th 8 Mile event, raising funds for my favourite Charity, CHOC

90% donated / R1 500,00 to go

Tracey Louw

what a honour to once again swim 8 miles for Pink Drive. Please help me reach my target, by donating to this worthy cause.

207% donated / R12 795,00 over target

Athina Macris

5th year swimming 8 miles to save our wildlife for future generations :)

315% donated / R43 000,00 over target

Werner Harmse

Singakwenza means "We can do it!" They do amazing work at grass roots levels for early childhood development and recycling. I would like to dedicate my Midmar Mile 2020 to them and raise funds for them.

118% donated / R350,00 over target

Ross Cairns

A few people can inspire change but it takes all of us together to make a difference. Help make a difference and show your support for our cause.

70% donated / R6 100,00 to go

Julie Hay

7th consecutive 8 Mile to give young South African children a better chance at a brighter future!

142% donated / R10 496,00 over target

Colin Morgan

Please help me raise funds!

117% donated / R2 033,00 over target

Mariana Du Preez

28% donated / R8 700,00 to go

Cameron Lock

Super excited to swim 8 miles again for the awesome Singakwenza charity.

148% donated / R7 135,00 over target

Simon "Scotty" Scott-Moncrieff

another year supporting Wildlands, any support is welcome !!!!!

203% donated / R1 550,00 over target

Santie Van der Merwe

Santie van der Merwe swimming to save a life. Friends of Swimmers

35% donated / R6 500,00 to go

Susan Rich

Please support me in my quest to raise funds for this worthy cause - Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife trust. Save the Rhino

100% donated / R1,00 over target

Ivor Gouws

Happy to be part of Friends of swimmers Trust

104% donated / R500,00 over target

Gabriel Holl

I'm doing my first 8 Mile and am privileged to be raising funds for the Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife. I'm passionate about swimming Robben Island crossings as well as an Ironman. Please support me in doing what I love by donating to this very worthy cause.

83% donated / R2 000,00 to go

Kerry Rowlands

Help me reach my target for my 4th 8Mile swim by pledging any amount - large or small- to my chosen charity, Singakwenza. Every cent is used wisely and in a sustainable way to support Early Childhood Development in under-resourced schools and creches

107% donated / R1 395,00 over target

Amanda Lock

Excited to be part of the 8 mile event again and to raise funds for Singakwenza and the incredible work that they do.

148% donated / R7 135,00 over target

Andrew O'Mahony

Andrew's 5th year swimming with Singakwenza

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Ray Butcher

Please make a donation to a worthy cause! Swimming 8 miles!

54% donated / R5 500,00 to go

Tracy Kerr

** Swimming for a cause **

96% donated / R1 150,00 to go

Carol Mason

103% donated / R350,00 over target

Aidan Paveley

I am swimming Midmar 8 mile this year to raise Money for the fight against cancer through Pink Drive in memory of my Mom (Charnelle), please support me!

208% donated / R12 900,00 over target

Marius van Reenen

I love the water and I would love for my kids to have the same opportunity to enjoy it! This is my small contribution to preserving our most scarce and precious resource. Please help me do so through your generous donation.

172% donated / R14 500,00 over target

Team Ray Ray

The Rays are at it again! Please support us as we swim 8 Miles, all to raise money for Singakwenza - an amazing charity shaping the future of South Africa through early childhood development

85% donated / R5 900,00 to go

Daniel Wersig

This year i will be attempting my first 8 mile swim in an effort to raise funds for CHOC

115% donated / R1 750,00 over target

Grant Tate

110% donated / R1 150,00 over target

Gavin Fletcher

A Speedo Is All I Need To Help Save Our Beautiful Rhino

110% donated / R1 450,00 over target

Marc Forrest

Raising funds for Friends of The Swimmers Trust

104% donated / R500,00 over target

Chris McEwen

100% donated / R0,00 over target

Cablan Khaled

This will be my 5th 8mile and I do not know of a more deserving charity than Julie & her amazing Singakwenza. A donation of any size will make a HUGE difference!! Super.

119% donated / R2 250,00 over target

Rosemary Chite

183% donated / R9 985,00 over target

Catherine Bassage

207% donated / R12 790,00 over target

Claudia Richard

Year three and my 10th year at The Midmar Mile, so happy to be part of this great team for another year and looking forward to all the challenges and fun of the weekend with the Mandeville swimmers!

33% donated / R6 700,00 to go

Hayden Jackson

Hayden Jackson is swimming for Mandeville Disability Swimming

192% donated / R11 100,00 over target

Bruce Dragt

52% donated / R5 765,00 to go