Charity 8 Challenge 2025

Amanda Heinzelmann is raising funds for CANSA

I have experienced loss of friends from various types of Cancer, witnessed young mothers of children I teach having to navigate new family life and motherhood, while fighting this disease with an inner strength and will, that is nothing but awe inspiring.  I know so many lives that have been affected, families broken, and loved ones lost while struggling with this. I am honoured to be alive and well enough to swim this challenge, and giving back to PinkDrive at the same time would make it even more worthwhile and rewarding. Your donations, large or small will make a difference to someone's life and family.

overall progress

raised R0,00 goal R15 000,00


The Cancer Association of South Africa’s (CANSA’s) purpose is to lead the fight against cancer in South Africa by offering a unique, integrated service to the public

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