Emil Berning is raising funds for Mandeville Disability Swimming

Throughout my marathon swimming years giving back to the swimming fraternity has always been a priority for me. I have been so privileged to swim for Mandeville Paralympic Swimming in every event since their inception and initial inclusion in the Midmar 8 mile charity event, a truly humbling experience. Over the years we have raised in the region of R1m to support the expenses of running this truly amazing club supporting underprivileged kids with disabilities. I reach out to all to help us continue supporting Mandeville Paralympic Swimming club and making a donation no matter how small

overall progress

raised R22 000,00 goal R15 000,00



Name Message Donation
Direct Donation R10 000
Direct Donation R2 000
Direct Donations Donations paid directly to Mandeville to date. R10 000

MDS is home to the largest and strongest squad of disability swimmers in South Africa

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