Lauren Culverwell is raising funds for Happy Bundles

My name is Lauren Culverwell and I am proudly raising funds and swimming the 16 mile 2022 for Happy Bundles. 

I have swum X2 8 miles and raised funds Successfully both times for CANSA- but life is about challenges and challenging ourselves - Im no Michael Phelps but I love to swim and I’ve enjoyed every swim I’ve done- for me it’s not about the time. It’s about the money raised and trying. It’s about the people you meet along the way and the lives you change. It is such an awesome experience and I cannot wait to challenge myself in 2022 with the 16 Mile swimming for happy bundles. 

“Happy Bundles is a Non- profit Organisation that can bring a life changing moment of joy to children with cancer.”


Happy bundles was founded by Candice Kriel after she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2020.

“During my time of treatment, I was shocked and surprised by the number of young people and children I saw receiving treatment for cancer. The most difficult and saddening part was seeing or reading stories of what these cancer patient were going through- physically and emotionally” 

“We call on you to have some compassion and support us in making a difference and give back what Cancer has taken away from so many children with Cancer and their loved ones.” 

Donate directly on this link and all funds will go directly to Happy Bundles- Let’s help Candice and Dan with their vision to bring joy to young children who have gone through so much pain and suffering. 

overall progress

raised R27 240,00 goal R80 000,00



Name Message Donation
Angelene Wolfaardt Beautiful heart❤️ R200
Donna R400
Matt Muller Keep it real lols R350
Cara and fango You are amazing!!! R500
Simon Johnson R2 000
Davey, Kate, John & George Go Lol Go!!! R1 500
Alicia Culverwell Thanks for thinking of those dear, little sick children Lols and doing something to make their lives a bit more joyful. R500
Louise van der Vyver Lol, well done, my friend. I'm proud of you. Thank you for everything you do to make this world a sweeter place <3 R1 800
Cam & Kari We need more people like you in this world. Go Lol, go. Sending lots of love xxx R1 000
Hannah Markham Such a great cause! R100
Caitlin Good luck! R1 500
New Hanover Prep Happy Bundles Sprayathon - NHP R5 000
Jenna raytrya Week 4 R200
Jess odendaal You’re amazing Lolly! ❤️ @jessodendaal R100
Taylia Webber Week 4 - you’re amazing, keep doing what you’re doing ❤️ Tails x R350
Nicole Stewart Week4- such an amazing initiative!! @nikky_stewart R200
Ann Watson R200
Lindsey WEEK 4- @lindsodendaal R200
Clare Gelderblom R200
Steph Redinger Week 4 :) @steph_redinger R200
Samantha Brown Week 4🌼 @sam_lee_brown Wifi an incredible initiative. Thank you Loll! R200
Shanice Walters @shanicet_walters Week 3❤️ R40
Hayley WEEK 4 - Good Luck Lol! ❤️ R200
Kris da silva @krisdasilva_ R200
Candice @candicekassier Week4 R200
Shannon R200
Lauren Veenstra WEEK 4 - R200
Alicia Culverwell R800
Kim Burnett kimpedlar11 WEEK 4 Such a great initiative! R100
Claire Long R100
Katie Barry Such amazing amazing cause Lols! Week 4- @katiebarz R400
Angie James @avoontoast R200
Danni Adelaine @danniadelaine Week 4 - so amazing 😍 R600
Jemma Wilensky @jemmawilensky Week Three R100
Kayleigh @kayleighlock week three R50
Kayleigh @kayleighlock week three R50
Kayleigh @kayleighlock WEEK THREE! Love what you guys are doing! R50
Rautenbach Rachael @rachaelrautenbach WEEK 3 R50
Lauren brown Such an incredible initiative! @lol_rachel_brown + Week 3 🤍 R150
Danni Adelaine @danniadelaine Week 3 R200
Noxie Wichmann Noxie week 3 R50
@nixMschulz week 3 R50
@nixMschulz R50
Donna Kincade @donna_kincade Week 3 R100
Stephanie Vickers @Stephanievickerss Week 3!!! R100
Cheron Randall @cheronrandall WEEK 3 R50
Jo Hill @pullupsandpeanutbutter WEEK 3 Ps- You guys are incredible!!! R50
Susana Susanajordao_ week 3 R50
Zanda Norval @zandanorval Week Three R50
Leonie Du Plessis R150
Sarah Cronje @the_sarah_cronje week 3 R200
Catherine Baytopp @cathclairebay WEEK THREE R50
Candice Week 3 @candicekassier R100
Caitlin Koch @tissues&tequila WEEK THREE Go Lolly Go! R100
Holly Du Plessis Week 3 R150
Steph Redinger @stephredinger :) Week 2 R100
Lauren Marwick @lollmarwick week 2 R100
Tara Wessels You’re phenomenal Lol 💕 what a fantastic initiative! @tarawess13 WEEK TWO R100
Ruvunya Rampersad @groovy_ruvi R50
Steph Farquharson Steph_farqie week two R200
Bianca Week 2 R100
Olivia Clelland Week 2 - @oliviaclelland What a lovely initiative 👏 ❤ R200
Lindsey @lindsodendaal + WEEK 2 R100
Shanice Walters @shanicet_walters Week 2❤️ Love this initiative 😍 R50
Shan Hurly Week 2 @shanhurly Xxx R300
Shannon Hurly Week 2 @shanhurly R50
Shannon hurly Week 2 - you’re amazing Lauren! @shanhurly R50
Jenna Rattray @jen_rattray WEEK 2 R50
Jenna Rattray @jen_rattray WEEK 2 R50
Jenna Rattray @jen_rattray WEEK 2, such an amazing giveaway with a beautiful purpose Loll xx R50
Britt Rennie What an incredible initiative ❤️ brittyj01 - obsessed with what you do Lol x R200
Carina van de Venter @CarinaVdV Week Two! R50
Caitlin Stay classy ~ @tissues&tequila WEEK TWO R100
Lauren Marwick Week two 😍🤞💕 R50
Belinda Salgado @beesalgado week 2 R100
@claire_elizabethhope @claire_elizabethhope Week 2 This is so amazing and very close to my heart , you guys are amazing and are such a blessing to the world ! Sending all of my love Claire x R100
Cheslyn Romon @cheslynromon Week2 Great initiative R150
Kelly Murdoch @kellsmurdoch - Week 2 What a beautiful initiative R50
Lauren Marwick Week 2 @lollmarwick R50
Lauren Marwick Week 2 @lollmarwick R50
Daniélle Maaske Awesome idea! Spreading love and light! Week 2 ☀️ R100
Kelly-Jaye Schwedhelm @schwedhelmk - Week 2 Such an amazing cause! Go girl! Pray that you exceed your goal! X R250
pipparoseveare @pipparoseveare - Week 2 💛 such an amazing giveaway idea! R250
Hayls Brown Such an incredible cause! Good luck Lol🥰. @hayls_clare_brown | WEEK 2. R200
Skwe Magnets As a cancer survivor myself I’m so very grateful to people like you who do this sort of thing for families going through the fight of their lives. Thank you! @skwe_magnets Week 1 R50
Suzanne Botha @sschutte1 WEEK ONE R50
Suzanne Botha What an amazing initiative 🤍 welldone! @sschutte1 WEEK ONE R50
Mari-Lee Visser @itsmvisser Week two R100
Lindsey odend @lindsodendaal WEEK ONE R100
Erin Such a cool cause 🤩 eri_roseveare0 WEEK ONE xx R50
Deborah de Bufanos Happy to support - what a great initiative! R150
Gaby Isabelle @gabyisabellee WEEK ONE R100
Rozanne Masters Great work you're doing! @rozanne.masters WEEK ONE R50
Caitlin Stay cool - @tissues&tequila WEEK ONE R50
Caitlin You’re awesome - @tissues&tequila WEEK ONE R50
Caitlin Go Lol! @Tissues&tequila WEEKONE R50
Karen Gordon @karen.cuninghame R200
Anje van der Merwe Good luck! Such a great cause R150
Steph Redinger steph_redinger - Week One R100
Leigh Bezuidenhout Keep on shining darling, your light brightens up everyones life! R100
Sam Brown All the best Loll, what an incredible cause to be backing!🥰 @sam_lee_brown WEEK ONE R300
Tamryn anderson All the best ♥️ R150
Jessica Broderick @jessica_tahn Week One R100
Kirsten Wilson @kirstenleightheunissen Week 1 R50
Rebecca @becs_cawood_ R150

Happy Bundles a non-profit organisation that can bring a life changing moment of joy to these children with Cancer.