Jenna Murray is raising funds for CHOC

A new year brings another challenge! In 2022, I am again swimming my 8 Miles & this year I am swimming for CHOC, an incredible organization that supports children with childhood cancers. [This is my 4th 8 Mile,  my personal goal is to do 5!]

Since I've become an Auntie to the most incredible little ones, my heart has grown tenfold. I could never imagine the pain and heartache that the parents & families of these precious ones go through when witnessing their precious children suffer through cancer. As a child I witnessed my brother lose one of his best friends to cancer in primary school & the heartache of that is still felt in our family. At the moment there are so many little ones, that I am connected to in one way or another, that have been diagnosed with childhood cancer. I know their journeys are not going to be easy but some support, love, and prayer will go a long way in helping them to carry the load. If there is something I can do to help support these families and little champs, I would like to try! 

Please help me to help these children find a glimmer of light along their journey. These precious children need any help and support you can give! Please help me to raise my target of R10 000. 

overall progress

raised R12 500,00 goal R10 000,00



Name Message Donation
Arum Bydawell You. Are. AMAZING. R600
Hillcrest Murrays We are so proud of our epic auntie Madame! R2 500
Lyle Murray Good luck Madam, you can do it! R1 000
Lize Van Rensburg Have a fabulous swim, Jen! xx R200
Judy & len You're an absolute star! Enjoy your swim R400
Taryn Zeiler You are an absolute legend my cuz! Such an inspiration! Keep your head down and keep swimming! R200
Sarah Martin Just keep swimming swimming swimming xxx R200
Danelle Stumke Good luck Jen-jen! You can do it! R200
Tim Murray Go girl R5 000
Tessa Enjoy, you can do this! R1 500
Gail Starr Swim for me too Jenna :) R500
Kim Streak R200

Supporting children with cancer and life-threatening blood disorders, and their families; improving early detection and facilitating effective treatment.
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