Mike Proome is raising funds for CHOC

At the Start of 2021, a much smaller group than normal got into the dam at Midmar Dam to raise funds for various Charities via the Charity 8 and Charity 16 Challenge. I am pretty sure that all of us had hopes that by the end of the year, things would be very different, and that by the 2022 event, things would be back to "normal", and as much as things have got better, and things will be different, we are still a long way from Normal.

So for 2022 we will still be a small group lining up, not swimming in the main events, but swimming the same route, back and forth across the dam to raise money for the charities who so desperately need the money at this stage.

Last year was my 10th time swimming 8 miles, this year my 11th, and my passion for doing it remains as strong as the first time I got into the water all those years ago.

Many know my story, and what got me into the water raising funds for CHOC, but for those who don't, it was having Cancer myself in 2009 after just turning 25, and the road to recovery from there that motivated me to what I could for a Charity that I think is one of the most important around. I cant even begin to explain what this charity does for both Children with Cancer, as well as their families, if you are not aware of them, I would urge you to look on their web page.

We all know that over the course of this pandemic, the money people have had available to donate to Charities has diminished, and the people involved at this charity as well as others are really doing the best they can with limited funds available to them.

I am setting my initial goal at R 10 000 for CHOC this year, and depending on when that is hit, will update it. I know this sounds like a lot, but every donation adds up. So whether your donation is big, or small, it is appreciated from the bottom of my heart, and every cent goes to a good cause. Please also feel free to leave a message with your donation should you wish.

overall progress

raised R10 000,00 goal R10 000,00



Name Message Donation
Meyrickton R2 700
Anon R3 000
KMC R3 000
Sean Christie All the best, respect doing it for the kids R1 000
Gabi Breedt R300

Supporting children with cancer and life-threatening blood disorders, and their families; improving early detection and facilitating effective treatment.

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