Terry Swait is raising funds for Mandeville Disability Swimming

Having missed 2021, I am honoured again to be able to support such amazing inspirational swimmers and the equally dedicated coaches. Every small amount counts - your support is much appreciated. Thank you 

overall progress

raised R22 340,00 goal R12 000,00



Name Message Donation
Izelle Pretorius So proud of you dearest friend! R250
Genelle van der Riet R200
FRITZ WASSERFALL You are a star, keep up the good work R500
The Walkers Terry you’re an inspiration to us all and always so giving and kind. Congratulations on such a great swim 🌸🏊🏻‍♀️ R500
Vanessa Court Good Luck Terry! You are an amazing Human! R500
Katinka Schumann Go girl! R500
Howard radford Good luck ! R200
Samira Rexrodt R500
Debra Anne FARR You are a amazing lady R200
Esri Els You are such an inspiration. Thank you for doing this! R1 000
Tarryn Jackson Terry you are such an inspiration xxx R500
Kim Cocciuti Well done Terry 👏you are an incredible inspiration 🌻🌻🌻 R500
Monika Steinlechner R1 000
You go girl! R250
Kerry Buchanan All the best Terry - so proud of you! R400
T Ueta All the best. Have a great swim, Terry! Isao & Tomoko R600
Lois Spies Enjoy the swim Terry, it is for such a good cause. Your dedication is truly inspirational ! R500
John and Fi Rollason Well done on doing another 8 mile ! R2 000
Sue and Jeff Best of Luck !! R1 000
Adele McLeod Thank you for always supporting others Terry! R400
Tracey wilf To an amazing an inspirational cause R540
Lee Hollington Your commitment to fitness, health and most of all, social responsibility, is incredibly inspirational. Proud of you T's. Love Lee & Mike x R1 600
Lisa All the best for your swim, Terry! R1 000
Norah Doherty You are a inspiration to us all. Good luck on your swim R1 000
Ryan Knipe Best of luck Terry.. always great to support you R800
john miller Go for it, and hope you have a great swim MJ & John R500
RNGW So proud of you! R400
Mike Good luck :-) R5 000

MDS is home to the largest and strongest squad of disability swimmers in South Africa

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