Help fund R1 million in donations

@enablehtml|At kydrin we don't believe in making a profit off of the kindness and generosity of people making donations, or from the charities that the donations are intended for. As such our aim is to take 0% in any admin or transaction fees and ensure that the charities receive 100% of the donations received. To do this we need to raise funds ourselves, and as a registered non-profit company in South Africa you can help us just like so many people help other charities. Our bank transaction fees come in at just under 3% per transaction (excluding monthly account fees and payment gateway fees). In order to facilitate the first R1 million raised on kydrin we need approximately R30,000 to cover our fees. As the fees are dependent on the donations coming in, we certainly don't need this amount up front, but it will be a continuous requirement up to R1 million and beyond! We also believe in openness and transparency so we will be keeping you up to date with all the campaigns we are running and the success of the site. At any point in time you will be able to make an informed decision whether to donate to us or not. If you have any questions at all we can always be contacted at Update (22 Dec 2016): we've recalculated and because of the mix of direct EFT transfers and card payments, our overall requirement per R1 million is about R20,000. EFT's are transaction-fee free, so keep them coming! We've already processed over R400,000 and are well on our way to that first R1 million, so please support kydrin and our charity partners by donating a few Rands.

overall progress

raised R15 000,00 goal R20 000,00



Name Message Donation
Christa Reynaud R550
claudia Feige Ezemvelo R10 000
Donald Sturrock Hopefully this helps a little bit R1 000
MR ROGER J F CASE Payment for the donation I bid at the wine tasting evening. R800
Renee Robin R100
Terry Everson All the best Claire and Kieran and thanks for all your efforts in fundraising for such a worthwhile cause R200
Zanette Goosen R100
Barbs Rankin Trevor you’re showing us the true meaning of a successful life Thank you for your selflessness and inspiration R1 000
Diya Maharaj R100
Ivanka Venter Go Graig Moore R150
Mr W P Scheffel Make it rain!!! R500
Bernard and Elrina Claassens R500
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