Dyani Jeram is raising funds for CHOC

This year I will be embarking on my 12th ‘world’s largest open water swim’- The Midmar Mile. However, I would like to make a small difference in taking up the challenge this year. With the help of the extraordinary people around me, I decided to ‘swim with a purpose’.

Choosing a charity close to my heart, I decided to raise funds and awareness for CHOC, the Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa. Growing up in a family where sports played an integral role in the person I am today, I can’t begin to imagine a childhood without it. Unfortunately, the heartbreaking reality is that many children with cancer lose out on this incredible experience.

With less than 10 days to go, kindly assist me in making a difference to these children’s lives. Your contribution goes a long way, please spread the word and some love to a family and child in need. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

A bit about the foundation:

The Foundation was established in 1979 as a support group to parents of children with cancer, by parents of children with cancer. Having experienced the immense emotional and financial toll that cancer takes, they recognised there is more than one victim in the family of a child with cancer. Their aim was to ease the burden on parents facing the same journey by providing access to relevant and accurate information, as well as emotional and practical support.

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal." – Steve Maraboli

Love always,


overall progress

raised R36 000,00 goal R5 000,00



Name Message Donation
Lata Awesome R200
Milan Parbhoo Keep striving for greatness and keep up the good work. R520
Rish Most inspiring! R725
Mehul Patel The Ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the World, are the Ones who Do! You’re GREAT! R1 080
Deyaan & Viha All the best Dyanibhen! R500
Dyani Jeram Thanks everyone for supporting this cause, we're going to make someone's life a little better. R1 000
Nayan Well done! Enjoy the swim. R200
Mukesh Ramjee Way to go Dyani R301
Hems Making the world a better place...one good deed at a time!!! So proud of you. Love love love. R500
Prakash and Harsha Jeram Love mum and dad. Good luck. So proud of you💝😘😘 R1 101
Jitesh mistry Great stuff Dyani 😬👌 R301
Curtis What you're doing is amazing. Good luck Dee R300
Bhavika All the best Dyani... solid gold heart you have😊 R100
Meera Patel This world needs more people like YOU! You genuinely inspire me. R200
Kem Keep up the good work R300
Neeroo mistry Great efford😀 R500
Manoj Great cause! Keep up the awesome spirit!👌🏻😃 R100
Smita & Pradeep Gowan The heart that gives gathers! You a great inspiration ... go Dyani go!!!! R301
Smita & Pradeep Gowan The heart that gives gathers! You a great inspiration ... go Diyani go!!!! R301
Anil & Ansuya Bhogayata Thank you for including us in such a worthy cause. This is truly inspiring and our warmest wishes are with you for the race ahead. R301
Satish Nathoo, Niroo Nathoo & Chetan Nathoo Excellent initiative, good luck, all the best. R1 000
Leevasha Naidoo All the best Dee! R200
Atish Ranchod R200
Varun Garg Truly beautiful cause! Thanks for this and make us proud! R600
Shyam daya All the best R200
Bhanufoi God bless R250
Kamshala Jairam "Know that the road ahead is safe and beautiful, for it was built just for you, by the only Only guide there is." Best wishes R501
Bharti Jairam R500
Asit and Jayshiela All the best Dyani R500
Zoya You’re Amazing Dyani! R200
The South African Desi R200
Ruwa S This is truly amazing, great initiative Dyani- good luck! R300
Aarti Bhana Be your best girl ❤ R300
Trishal Lalla You’ve always been an incredible older sister inspiration! Congratulations Deejay! R100
Vashna Wishing you all the best and Well Done on making a difference. R500
Ushma Great cause! R250
Tlhodi Ntuli Hope you kill that swim Dee!! Lots of luck and I’m so proud of you for making this purposeful 🌻💫 R300
Pranay This is a wonderful initiative! Keep inspiring! R108
Tina & Hitesh May Lord Krishna always bless you with His choicest blessings so that you can continue serving. R600
YOGESH VALLA Great initiative - All the best! R201
Minal & Janita Proud of you Dyani - keep inspiring and making a difference in a world that needs it R1 000
Rohit Blessings to your cause ✌ R500
Praveen Awesome initiative .All the best Dyani!!!! R500
Akshay kanjee Love the drive and passion for the needy😢 ❤ Good luck with the swim💪 You've got this👌 R500
Kruti Nagar Great initiative! Well done 😀 R500
Pranisha Nana Amazing initiative! All the best Dyani! R500
Damyanti Nana Proud of you Dyani. Good luck! R500
Selona Singh All the best! R500
Sucheta dullabh R500
Nana Believe, you can make a difference ! R1 000
Anil & Bharti Ravjee A splendid initiative - Good Luck!! R501
Meenal Manga The world needs more people like you! ☆ Keep rocking! R100
Hasmita Hardudh-Dass This is a heartwarming gesture to bring more meaning to something that you love doing. All the best R500
Shirene Boola You amazing R250
Helen stewart What a super girl/woman you are!!! What a superb initiative!!! R200
Preety Hey Dyani. Awesome initiative. Really proud of you. Good luck. R500
Barbie Pickering You are a star, Dyani. Well done and good luck for the swim. Love, Barbie R200
Rupesh Vaga Wonderful initiative. Good luck! R500
chantal Pillay All the best Dyani, you go girl R348
Minesh Chinia Green fingers, toes and heart. WeLove You R457
Darsh So proud of you!!😗 R500
Savita Bhavan Well done Dyani, you make us so proud R500
Baboo Jairam Well done Dyani pops R500
maya Jairam GO GO GO my DYNAMITE R500
Ameet Nathoo All the best for the race cousin ;) R500
Anita So proud of you. All the best for the race! R501
Shyam Awesome initiative! All the best R500
Priya You're such an inspiration Dyani R500
Tania We need more people like you!! Go for it Kydrin!! R200
Bindiya All the best for the swim Dee. Love the amazing work you do for everyone around you. Proud to know a human like you♥️ R300
Deepa Nana Your religion is kindness. Let us all join you. R500
Anjili Valla R201
Maya You go GIRL!!!!! R1 000
Bhavini Jairam R500
Mechelle Singh Goodluck winner!!! The world needs more people like you. You are quite the inspiration. R500
Akshaar Let me know how else I can help R200
Minal Soma All the best Dyani. Love the heart and soul of who you are as a person and your choice of CHOC to raise funds. Definitely a good cause. Love Minal R2 000
Pravesh Govind Well done Dyani... we are proud of you... R1 000

Supporting children with cancer and life-threatening blood disorders, and their families; improving early detection and facilitating effective treatment.

086 111 3500