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Hi friends 

About a month ago, my domestic worker and her sister were attacked by her sister’s boyfriend in her house. He stabbed both of them in the face. He hit her (my domestic worker), sat on her and stabbed her repeatedly in the head. The skin around her eye was so badly damaged that her eye had no support and actually came out. He stabbed both of her arms. Her right hand is so badly damaged that she can’t use it. She can’t work right now. She is so upset, and scared. And she keeps saying that she can’t believe that she has become a beggar. The level of violence that she has faced is staggering. They have filed a police report, but the man has not been caught. He didn’t arrive at work and has basically disappeared.

She has had two operations and needs another on her eye. She also needs physio. The bill is R75 a day. She also owes rent, and she is the bread winner. She has a son in Grade 11. I have helped with money, although if anyone has any extra money to spare, please please can you consider helping her out. Her sister is also looking for a job too.

I know this is a big ask, but this woman has been handed a very unfair situation and I would really like to try to help her out with as much as possible. Please donate any amount you can.

Thank you, Phil.

overall progress

raised R4 400,00 goal R10 000,00



Name Message Donation
Joanna Sawicka My heart broke reading about this. I hope he comes to justice. R400
Luisa Lindsay-Smith Wishing you a speedy recovery and justice for what was done to you. R300
Matt Ramsden Keep strong, we're thinking of you. R400
Chantelle Wyss Sending so much love to these women! R200
Much love sister R200
Richard & Nicole Our thoughts and prayers go out to her during this difficult time. R1 000
Catherine Ramsden Keep fighting R200
Anonymous R200
Sadhna Manraj I hope she can get some councilling for PTSD. R150
Inet Krige Hope you find peace and recover soon. R300
Roxanne Skeef You are in my thoughts and prayers. May you make a full and speedy recovery. R200
Samantha Eldridge R200
Helen Buhler Sending strength, love & peace to these women. Well done Phil for getting involved and helping them out. R150
Ashley I hope this little bit is able to help you recover from such a BRUTAL attack and may the beast who did this to you, get what he deserves :( R500