Chad Gifford is raising funds for Duzi Umngeni Conservation Trust

If you don't know me, here's some info -
I'm a bi-lateral amputee (no legs) paraplegic (can't walk) who thrives on taking on various swimming challenges

Whilst having previously competed as a paralympic swimmer I did various open water events to keep the thrill and enjoyment of swimming alive in me. I am always looking for new open water events to compete in no matter how calm, wild or outrageous they may be.

I have previously completed 5 x 8 miles earning my permanent number in the 8 Mile Club, numerous open water events (Sun City, Heia Safari, Deneysville at Vaal Dam) and I always keep looking for the next challengeable but attainable event (Durban Surf Swim Series, Robben Island, English Channel and yes the 16 Miles).

In the past 5 months I have competed at the Durban Surf Swim Series (5 x 1600m, 1 x 3200m) events, 3 of them being the toughest swims I have ever done (sea swells between 1.5m and 2m). I had to use all my previous mind tricks, train hard but smart and really dig deep within myself to accomplish these events.

When the 16 Miles was introduced at the Midmar Mile I knew I wanted to compete and complete it. This event will be tough and gruelling for me but I know that I can complete it, all 16 miles!

With your support I hope to raise my commitment of R20 000.00 towards charity. The charity I am raising funds for is the Duzi Umngeni Conservation Trust (visit for more information).

I know this is a huge amount to anyone these days however every little bit counts and it all goes towards a worthy cause.

Your consideration of my request would be greatly appreciated.

overall progress

raised R11 000,00 goal R20 000,00



Name Message Donation
Chris & Lucille Heiberg You have our utmost admiration taking on this challenge and the exemplary desire to benefit charity. Your limitless enthusiasm in this field of sport is simply astronomically extraordinary. We salute you, Chad! R200
Harry-Yvonne Looys R200
Jan & Val Nel Good luck for this magnificent race. R1 000
Liz Fricke Good luck, Chad! We are cheering you on from Calgary in Canada. Love, Liz and Tony. R5 500
Tanya Gillot Chemdry Durban North Cleaners You are a great inspiration. I believe God plants dreams in us and he gives us certain talents and gifts to pursue for His Glory R1 000
Anne Anspach Congratulations on this brave commitment, Chad. We are all rooting for you and know you can do it. R100
Hilton Anspach Good luck Chad! Best wishes from Hilton & family R2 000
Reef Property Consultants Good Luck - Gareth Anstee Reef Property Consultants R500
Gwendoline Heiberg If you can dream it, you can do it! R500

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