The Wild Swim

The Wild Swimmers are raising funds for The Wild Swim

The Wild Swim is scheduled to take place in five stages between April 26 - May 2, with swimming only taking place in favourable and clear sea conditions.

For safety reasons the pilot swim has been restricted to ten open water swimmers who will be accompanied by safety kayakers, two safety boats, a jetski rescue operator and a small pod of experienced Ocean Guardian divers equipped with Freedom7 shark shields – the world’s only scientifically proven electrical shark deterrent. Associated aerial surveillance and HD drone footage is to be provided by renowned adventure sports cameraman and safety officer, Gordon Date, who is directing the safety team in association with Med-Evac, the NSRI and SAPS.
Accommodation is to be provided to the swimmers and the safety team at community-owned homestays along the route.

The ten pioneering Wild Swimmers venturing into these relatively uncharted and sharky waters are:

Tony Sellmeyer, former Marathon runner turned open water endurance swimmer and veteran of more than 50 Robben Island Crossings
Andrew Chin, one  of five South African swimmers who were first in the world to swim around the Icy Waters of Cape Horn
Mike Loewe, the night news editor at Daily Dispatch.
Brad Ray, the founder of the Kydrin Foundation.
Mervyn Bremner, co-founder of the 8 Mile Club.
Marcelle Webber, aka Splash, a renowned South African sprint and long distance swimmer.
Craig Bishop, a Cape Town based journalist keen to also tackle the Robben Island Channel Swim.
Stan Kozlowski, the founder of the 8 Mile Club.
Abigail Ray, a former East Coast dee-jay who traded in a life behind the mic for swimming costumes, caps & swimming flippers.
Fred Kockott, the founding director of Roving Reporters, who sparked this all.

+3 reserve swimmers (To be announced)

FEATURED IMAGE: Marcelle Webber aka Splash, who recently won three gold medals at the International Ice Swimming Championships in Murmansk, Russia, is among the pilot pod of Wild Swimmers.

overall progress

raised R35 440,00 goal R50 000,00



Name Message Donation
John Dickerson R500
Ruth Leverton Thank you for caring for one of the most beautiful and vulnerable coastlines on the planet. Swim safe R200
Jenny hawke A GREAT effort both by Kim and team AND Margie R500
Matthew Croudace R400
Georgina Wild swim R500
Kim Hawke Ready for the next one! Let's keep swimming. R500
Chris Fourie R500
Andrew For Xolobeni community who show courage and passion. R500
Stan Kozlowski Well done Andrew Chin and friends of the Wild Swim on your support swim from Cape Point to Simonstown. Proud of you all. ❤ R1 000
Neil Hopkins R500
Jeanne Topliss Greatness never comes from inside your comfort zone R500
Katherine Persson R500
Matthew Croudace R100
Monika Hayes Thanks for the invite Andrew. See you at the Wild Swim 😊 R500
Neale Campbell Well done Andrew! Yet again another great event on your part. R150
Gordon Greaves Proceeds from the sale of my famous Gordon's Verrückte Gurken pickles at Hot Choc swim group this morning. Hope to keep doing more of this! R500
Craig Doonan On behalf of Andrew Chin R1 000
Chris Wilson Good luck for a good cause! R200
Ann Gray Wishing all the swimmers everything of the best for your Wild Swim. You are doing it for amazing cause. R200
Lynette R250
Mandy Uys Love the Wild Ones R250
Ryan Thanks for you work on this Andrew R250
Martin Godfrey All the best to my 8 Mile chums Mervyn & Stan. This is a great initiative. I’ll be with you in spirit. R500
G P Symons R1 000
Chris Laubscher Great cause, well done and good luck Andrew! R350
Kim Hawke Thank you for bringing awareness to the preservation of this awesome part of the world. R500
Jen Pike Go swimmers _great initiative R100
Karin Solomon Good luck, Wild Swim pioneers. R250
Desmond Thompson Happy to support you, boet R100
Linde law Proud of you guys, Chinnie q R500
SuperWoman Go Andrew Go! R200
Stephen Meltz Keep on keeping on the good work R380
Sarah Pinchuck How very noble of you Craig! Best of luck x R100
Aseem Kumar Brilliant R750
Emile and Georgette Good luck wishes from Luxembourg R500
Craig Bishop R1 000
Rajarshi All the best guys. R50
Eric & Wendy Bothma Well done, have a good swim R500
Heidi Pilz Go Fred Go. Help save our precious wild land that must stay this way forever R100
Rose Lowry Good luck R100
Jessica Bothma Go Fred! R100
Mathy Franco Joffe All the best to the swimmers! R100
Sonya Schoeman Get ahead of the sharks. R100
Rolfe R500
The Human Elephant Foundation Delighted to be able to assist with what is a great cause in every way. R10 000
Sam Small R50
Diricilla Naidoo All the very best Irma. R100
Timothy Houghton go Fred and co. Good on you guys! R300
Robin and Debbie Gracie byron and Rowan Bromham Good luck R200
Gavin Pike Safe swimming and thanks for bringing positive action and awareness to the issues we face along our beautiful coastline! R500
Bridget Murphy Be safe, Fred and best of luck. R250
Abraham For the people of Xolobeni.Swim well,one stroke at the time R100
Garth Hey Looks like it would also make a great hike! Good luck Andrew! R300
Nancy Good luck folks! Next time I'll join you ;-) R100
Andrew helping people help themselves and protecting the enviroment, worth supporting R360
Gail Miller R150
Jacqui Carrara Irma Wilson R50
Oceans Not Oil Behind you all the way. R1 000
Teresa Rube The Wild Swim fundraising drive - for pledge by Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat (Penny-Jane) R50
Marissa Dankie R50
Victoria Nance R50
Cheryl D Spensieri Keep up the great work, Irma! R500
Claire Hope this one goes through! Good luck R250
Anton Krone Great to see this. R200
Steve collins R100
Belinda Leontsinis R50
paul Pereira R200
Barbara Well done Mervyn R500
Trevor Miller Marcella good to see you again even if it's a picture... It sounds like you are really testing boundaries... love cousin Trevor R300
Tony Bath Good luck, have a good swim. R250
Laurence Dworkin A very very worthy cause! R500
Mike Loewe I can do it! Blrbl blrbl blrbl! I can do it! R100
Jennifer Thord-Gray Good luck! R100
Joseph Coy Best wishes Mervyn R500
Thandi Davies Thank you for representing and putting a voice to what we believe in! R250
Friends of Roving Reporters Go Fred and his merry band of wild swimmers! R250

The Wild Swim takes place along a 22km stretch of the Wild Coast earmarked for heavy minerals mining. It aims to raise funds for eco-tourism in the area, marine conservation and associated environmental journalism training.

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