Sustaining the Wild Coast is raising funds for The Wild Swim

Sustaining the Wild Coast has supported the Amadiba community for many years in their resistance to mining along the 25km stretch of coast between Port Edward and Mtentu. The company applying to mine heavy minerals is the Australian company, Mineral Resource Commodities (MRC) which already has a track record of poor environmental performance at their TORMIN mine on the West Coast. The South African Department of Minerals and Energy is presently appealing the court judgement of November 2018 which affirms the right of the Amadiba community to say NO to mining.

SWC works with the Amadiba community to grow tourism and agriculture as sustainable alternatives to mining, and to protect the Pondoland Centre of Endemism and rich cultural heritage of the Amadiba area.  As one of the beneficiaries of The Wild Swim, SWC is co-sponsoring the costs of accommodating the Wild Swimmers and safety crew at three home stays along the route.

Funds raised through The Wild Swim will be used to

  • to support and grow existing tourism initiatives such as homestays
  • develop other eco-tourism ventures in the Amadiba area

SWC’s fundraising drive for The Wild Swim is being championed by social worker and John GI Clarke, the author of The Promise of Justice.

All donors to the SWC fundraising drive will be part of a raffle with the winner getting a copy of The Promise of Justice signed by the author and organisers of The Wild Swim.

For further information about SWC contact Margie Pretorius on 082 873 9053, email or via our website

overall progress

raised R1 011,00 goal R15 000,00



Name Message Donation
Claire I have always been a supporter of the Amadiba and the Wild Coast generally (a unique place in every way) and I hope we can preserve this heritage for all South Africans and future generations. I wish there was more to give! R150
Kate Davies May you have fair weather, and calm sea. Rather you than me, but thanks for supporting the struggle. R200
Margie Pretorius A brave swim to support a brave and resilient community in protecting their beautiful land! R100
John Gerard Ingram Clarke Do not evaluate this amount in terms of the quantum. It is symbolic. It was the seed of an idea when Fred Kockott took up my challenge to swim the Wild Coast. I offered to sponsor him 50c/km. He hopes to raise R250,000. R11
John Gerard Ingram Clarke "Right" said Fred, "I will swim the Wild Coast", after I teased him when he completed the Midmar Eight Mile swim to raise money for charity. He obviously still felt too sexy for his shirt, so is shedding it again. Great cause R500
Ralph Makadi I am visiting freelance journalist from Argentina, exploring my African. What an amazing initiative this is. I would donate more if I could, but must save what I can to visit The Wild Coast and experiencing the home-stays R50

The Wild Swim takes place along a 22km stretch of the Wild Coast earmarked for heavy minerals mining. It aims to raise funds for eco-tourism in the area, marine conservation and associated environmental journalism training.
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