The Wild Swim

Africa Ignite is raising funds for The Wild Swim

Africa!Ignite is one of KwaZulu-Natal's leading rural development agencies.

It uses it extensive rural footprint to partner with communities, especially woman and youths, so that they can participate fairly in the economy and society and make their voices heard.

Africa!Ignite is extending its footprint to the Wild Coast, and as a joint beneficiary of The Wild Swim, is co-sponsoring the costs accommodating The Wild Swimmers and safety crew at three home stays along the 22 km stretch of the Wild Coast earmarked by heavy minerals mining.

Money raised for Africa!Ignite through the Wild Swim will be used to support Sustaining the Wild Coast in

  • upgrading facilities at these eco-friendly home stays in line with environmental legislation governing protected area and to extend the tourism initiatives
  • developing associated eco-tourism ventures in the broader Amadiba community beyond the areas earmarked for heavy minerals mining.

For further information about Africa!Ignite contact CEO Wilna Botha, on 082 828 4994, email or visit their website at

overall progress

raised R0,00 goal R15 000,00


The Wild Swim takes place along a 22km stretch of the Wild Coast earmarked for heavy minerals mining. It aims to raise funds for eco-tourism in the area, marine conservation and associated environmental journalism training.

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