Rudi Craps is raising funds for PinkDrive

After completing my first 8-Mile last year, I decided to embark on this journey again, where people not only helped the Pink Drive save lives by means of early detection in (mostly) underprivileged areas but also save mothers, daughters, children, fathers, and families from an circumstances that could have been worse.

I feel honored to be a part of the team doing this and would be eternally grateful to anyone deciding to lend a helping hand.

PS: And why not have a tax break while doing it next year? (If you need an S18A tax certificate, please contact me for more details BEFORE donating, as we need to make sure it reflects for the right year -

Thank you

overall progress

raised R0,00 goal R12 000,00



Our Mission is to spread the message that ‘Early detection can prolong a life’.
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