Lauren Culverwell is raising funds for CANSA

In 2020 I will be swimming the 8 Mile and raising funds for CANSA

I chose this Charity as I know a handful of family and friends that have lost the battle to cancer and some who are still fighting or have won, as well as knowing many friends who have fathers, mothers, relatives and friends who are also fighting or have lost. It is the charity that resonated the most with me and is a very real and scary reality for people. The numbers ARE rising daily.

CANSA stands for Cancer Association of South Africa, they are the leaders in cancer research since 1931. Their purpose is to offer a unique, integrated  service to the public and all affected by cancer. 


CANSA's mission is to be the preferred non-profit leader that enables research with regards to lowering  cancer risk, educating the public regarding symptoms, screening and risk education, and providing care and support to all people affected by cancer.


Family and friends, please support me on this journey and share with your loved ones, lets raise the funds needed for a good cause and get me into that dam for an 8 mile swim!


overall progress

raised R24 000,00 goal R24 000,00



Name Message Donation
Fundraiser R1 900
Caitlin Mower R300
Fundraiser R20 750
Ross Gordon R550
Caitlin R500

The Cancer Association of South Africa’s (CANSA’s) purpose is to lead the fight against cancer in South Africa by offering a unique, integrated service to the public
0800 22 66 22