Bronwyn Glasspoole is raising funds for CANSA

I once again have the privilege of being able to swim 8 Miles to raise money for the Cancer Assosiation of South Africa.

  • CANSA is a nonprofit organization that focuses on Research, Education and Support 
  • And alarming 115 000 South Africans are diagnosed with Cancer every year
  • The more money that gets donated to CANSA the more ammunition there is for all avenues to fight against this disease 

"Imagine a world without Cancer"

Dedicated to all my brave family and friends who have fought and won and those who sadly fought and lost. 


overall progress

raised R8 500,00 goal R12 000,00



Name Message Donation
Paul Walters I cant even swim 1 length! Respect. R500
UNBRANDED AFRICA Super swim Bron. Very proud of you :-) R2 000
chris Duigan Well done Bronwyn. A great cause and super swim. R500
Arnie Glasspoole You are so dedicated Bron and I'm proud of you. Eish!!another 8-mile in the bag R200
Fuhri You a champ. Lots of love from us 💕 R1 000
Elle Glsspoole So proud of you mum. R150
Daph Goooo Bron! R300
Brad Glasspoole For family and friends and my very determined and beautiful wife. I wish it could be so much more. R500
Wikkie Winterton Well done Bron! Wonderful cause. R300
George & Margie Webster Good cause, wishing you all the best. R1 500
JEE Gate Automation Worthy Cause Bron! You go girl xx R500
Sarah munro Well done Bron! R500

The Cancer Association of South Africa’s (CANSA’s) purpose is to lead the fight against cancer in South Africa by offering a unique, integrated service to the public
0800 22 66 22