Nina Gersohn is raising funds for NSRI

February 2020 will be time to partake in my second 8 Mile Club at the Aquelle Midmar Mile. What an honour!! The 2019 8-Mile Club was a most challenging, but fun, special and spectacular weekend. I loved being a part of it and I am excited at the thought of doing it again. 

I will be swimming for the NSRI. My goal is to raise R12 000 for this phenomenal charity. Sea Rescue South Africa (known to most as NSRI) is an organization staffed by dedicated, brave, hardworking and well-trained volunteers and rescue crews whom are based at both coastal stations and inland stations across our country. The NSRI is tasked with saving lives, they are the responders who sound their sirens and mobilize their boats, bikes and rescue crews at the first sign of trouble at sea and coastal belts, or in dams and other waterways. They are our lifesavers and I want to do this to thank them, honour then and help them. 

No donation is too small, anything is greatly appreciated, and I will be grateful to you through every mile that I conquer at the 2020 Aquelle Midmar Mile. Please join me, support me and help me on my quest to help the NSRI. 

8 Miles


Over 13 000 Midmar swimmers

Over 13 000 of the proudest smiles

It’s going to be an amazing weekend!!!

overall progress

raised R0,00 goal R12 000,00



The Charity that Saves Lives on South African Waters
+27 21 434 4011