tasneem kharva is raising funds for NSRI

i am so happy to finally tick off my bucket list and swim 8 miles at my 13th Aquelle Midmar Mile. i'm especially grateful to be able to swim alongside the NSRI, to raise awareness and funds for water safety and drowning prevention in south africa; two things very close to my heart. 

by february 2020, i am hoping to raise R12 000 for the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI); a volunteer based non-profit organization who are pivotal in responding to all and any distress calls from individuals and craft. They are also instrumental in combating the crisis of drowning in south africa through orchestrating educational and preventative frameworks.

in short; the nsri ensures that every single person can enjoy using the beaches, oceans, open water lakes, dams, ships and cruises safely, all year round.

please support this cause and help me reach my goal by leaving a donation using the link below ! 💕

read more about the NRSI's work here: https://www.nsri.org.za/


thank you all so much for your help thus far !💓 xx

overall progress

raised R13 550,00 goal R12 000,00



Name Message Donation
Sadiya Valli Enjoy💪 R250
Husna & Muhammed Desai Good luck Tasneem R500
Basheer Madhi Go Tasneem!👍 R500
Bethanie Good luck and have fun😎 R150
Yusuf Surtee All the best R300
Zaakirah Good luck Tasneem R500
Trianyone All the best R500
Abdul Vanker MaShaAllah Well done Tasneem R300
Aishah Does that mean 8 slices of cheesecake after? Proud of you Tas. Xx R300
Anonymous Good luck R200
Preshendran odayar Good luck! R100
Mashuda Taz keep going CHAMP So proud of you Mash & Moe R700
Ridwaan R100
Sa’ad Chothia R100
MZ Joosub Good luck R200
Amaarah Garda Wish I could donate more to this great cause! Goodluck Tasneem 💕 R50
Salma jawoodeen Good luck Kharva! 🐠💙🏊‍♀️ R200
Dolphins Good Luck! R500
Moosa Saloojee good luck R200
Sabira Cajee So proud of you! R500
Shehnaz Best of luck to you Tasneem 🙏🏻 R500
Family mia Thank you for this great initiative R500
Doris Limbada Go for it, Tasneem!! R200
Farida Go girl !!👏👏👍👍👌👌🏊🏻‍♀ R200
Alex Ramaala R100
Saalihah Good luck! R100
Nooran Khan 💜💜 keep it up 💜💜 R400
Dadi & Dada Good cause - saves many lives! R1 000
Surtee Just keep swimming nemo R1 000
~ R100
Muni Excellent initiative Tasneem, keep it up R500
Yusuf Tyer I want to be the guy who gives everything back. I want it to be like: "Hey, who donated that hospital wing?" "Uh, I don't know. It was anonymous." "Well, guess what? That was Tyer!" "But it was anonymous, how do you know?" "Because I'm him!" R200
Yasmeen good luck tasneem R500
Layla Nemo just keep swimming R200
Seo Ji Won super proud of you tas Xx R300
Omar Farouk Good luck R200
Adilla Good luck R300
Yusuf Kharva swimming for a great cause, water safety is close to our heart R500
Ziyaad Kharva Good cause, I will push you along in my races R200
Yumna Kharva Go sis, I will be behind you, or maybe ahead R200
Haroon Kharva R200

The Charity that Saves Lives on South African Waters