Muhammed Adam is raising funds for NSRI

Are you looking for a Superhero?
Do you need a guardian angel?
Look no further than the National Sea Rescue Institute, the NSRI.
Every year, hundreds of thousands of South Africans make their way to our beaches, oceans and dams to enjoy a great holiday. Alongside each holidaymaker, fisherman, surfer etc. are thousands of superhero volunteers from the NSRI who are ready, able and willing to respond to your emergency and rescue need, oftentimes placing their own lives in danger. Since their inception in 1966, the NSRI have saved thousands of lives through direct rescue and water safety campaigns.
As a long distance open water swimmer, I will champion the NSRI for my first 8-Miler at the 2020 Midmarmile. I hope to raise more than R12000 for the NSRI.
If you believe, like I do that the NSRI heroes need to be acknowledged and supported, than do not hesitate, go ahead and donate today. Know that with every donation, your safety and those of countless of other South Africans can be ensured. More than this know that you are preventing another tragedy.
Help me show support for the people who continuously go the extra mile… Support my 8-Mile efforts to raise funds for the NSRI and Bring Hope when none seems present.
Together we can join in Saving Lives and Creating Futures.

overall progress

raised R24 851,00 goal R12 000,00



Name Message Donation
Hamaad Bhamjee & Family Good luck Momo R1 000
Faatima vally good luck Momo R100
Faatima Laher good luck Momo R200
Mohamed Good luck. R500
Amani & Iman Ismail Good luck Momo👊👊 R500
Leila Cassim Rather late than never 😂😂 All the best momo... 👊👊 R300
Shamim Ebrahim All the best Momo. You are an inspiration! R200
Atlantis Swimming Club All the best Momo R5 000
Gerry Waja Good Luck R1 000
tasneem kharva Good luck Momo R500
JO-JO'S SAUCES Good luck.....we know you can do it!!! R5 000
Soraya Good luck momo R1 000
Soham 👍 R250
Agie TikTok Momo! R500
Ismail Ally Good Luck. Momo R3 000
Asma Ghiwala Good luck, from the Ghiwala family in the UK. R500
Mukesh Ramjee Fantastic challenge Muhammad and you going to Ace it. R201
Aarya Morar You got this. Easy peasy. 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️ R500
Abhay Morar Good luck momo piece of cake🍰🍰🍰🍰🎂 R500
Mamiki Have lots of fun moms R200
Salmaan Smash it Momo R200
Haarith Let them eat your bubbles... 8 times R200
Uthmaan Good luck Momo R200
Our Doc All the best Momo R1 000
Aqeelah R500
Faatima Champion! R300
Zayd Jassat R500
Julie Good luck. R1 000

The Charity that Saves Lives on South African Waters