Kim Parkes is raising funds for NSRI

Looking forward to raising funds for the NSRI as i lived most of my life in the sea whether it would have been paddling surfing or swimming. One needs goals in ones life and what a way to start the year swimming and supporting a worthy cause. For all those out there please make a difference and help me reach my target.

overall progress

raised R12 050,00 goal R12 000,00



Name Message Donation
Megan Parkes Go dad lots of love R2 600
Aritha Enjoy it! R250
Shirley Reynolds Have fun Parkes, very admirable R400
solly/chris/mark go Rambo R1 000
Tim Proud of you Kim !! R500
Guy Levene Great cause Kim-well done R500
Lance Robinson good job Kim R300
Bruce Pender-Smith Go Parksy! R300
Clive Good luck Kim R500
Wim kemper Great stuff Kim R500
Jenny Vaughan Good luck darling friend. R1 000
Mike Anderson Amazing effort Parksy R500
Greg Hamilton Good luck tug boat R500
Peter Lavett Go Parkzy! R500
Helen Good luck,great cause R250
Brandon You’re an inspiration Kim! R1 000
Stuart Dixon Smash it Parksy R250
Margaretta Ornellas All the Best R1 000
Alex Torborg Go for it Kim! R200

The Charity that Saves Lives on South African Waters