Werner Harmse is raising funds for Singakwenza

Hi. I'm Werner Harmse and this year I will be swimming my 7th Official Mile across the Midmar Dam. This year I am doing it for Singakwenza! The Midmar Mile is the world's largest open water swimming event and I want my participation to mean something for the many young children in South Africa. My 2 children are very close to my heart and I believe all children, is and should be, close to someone's heart. Singakwenza is a not for profit organisation in the KZN Midlands providing training to practitioners, parents and caregivers at a grassroots level to provide fun, educational activities that enable young children to learn through play, supported by resources made solely from recycling. I aim to raise funds for them during my Midmar Mile 2020 for their very admirable work. They have therefore developed a whole range of educational toys that teach the same concepts as purchased toys, but for zero cost. Bread bags now become skipping ropes, margarine containers become cars, polystyrene trays become puzzles, yoghurt containers become shape sorters and cereal boxes become maths games. All the parent or crèche teacher needs is a pair of sharp scissors and a marker pen, and she will be able to get everything she needs to provide a fun-filled, stimulating environment....from the bin! And if a toy breaks or gets lost, it is easy (and free) to make another one. In addition, packaging that would usually be thrown away now has a value for both adults and children, so the programme is good for the environment too! If you can see your way open, pleas donate to this worthy cause as part of my 2020 Midmar Mile fundraising.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOnvE_py2AQ

overall progress

raised R2 350,00 goal R2 000,00



Name Message Donation
Fabulous enjoy your meaningful swim! Kirsty (Aqua Bodyworks) R300
Rikus Harmse Lekker swem! R500
ROZIE SYMONS Very special..... all those strokes help another soul. Have a fabulous swim x R500
Chantal Landman Best of luck for the best of causes. R350
Jenna Murray Thank you for supporting Singkwenza!! All the best for your swim! Next year... 8 Mile! R200
Anonymous Anonymous Good luck R500

Singakwenza, meaning “We can do it!”, is a non-profit organisation based in Kwa-Zulu Natal which builds sustainable Early Childhood Education programmes in economically disadvantaged communities, using recycling to make resources.

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