Rudi Craps is raising funds for PinkDrive

If you had the chance to save your mother, or father, or even your child by making sure their life is not in danger of a treatable disease, in this case: CANCER... I am certain anyone would agree that it is a worthy cause.

It brings me great honor and excitement to be back, I raise funds for the PinkDrive organization every year by swimming all 8 events of the Midmar Mile, a total of 13+km over two days. I do this to raise funds, but also play my part in raising awareness that breast/prostate cancer is detectable, even at an early stage and the earlier in the cycle it is treated, the better for the patient... (And their families)

Thank you in advance for considering helping save lives.

overall progress

raised R5 000,00 goal R8 000,00



Name Message Donation
Round Table Golden East 181 R550
Amber Craps Well done! You're my hero! R1 500
John Jeanne Swem vinnig R350
Garron Mosley Good Luck R1 000
Trevor Give it horns R250
Charne Nel Lekker Ruds!!! R200
Ryan Frey Go for it Rudi R300
Ari Zadikov Good luck!! R250
Tumi Motsei You've got this Rudy R150
Helene Liebenberg R300
Mari Kruger Great cause Rudi!!!! R100
Johan de Lange R250

Our Mission is to spread the message that ‘Early detection can prolong a life’.
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