Pevensey Place

charity profile

At Pevensey, our focus is on providing assisted living to those that need it. We believe that participation is the key to having an excellent quality of life. In order to achieve this, the residents are actively involved in the day-to-day running of the organisation. Similar to a Kibbutz, every resident is responsible for a task within his or her capabilities.

The close-knit community of Underberg is also involved at Pevensey and in the lives of the residents, who are encouraged to participate in many social gatherings and outings. These activities are in addition to the daily tasks all residents are required to perform.

They include –

• Sports events including cricket, soccer and participation in swimming galas
• Community bicycle rides
• Annual in-house sports competitions
• Walking events organised by various interest groups
• Trips up Sani Pass to assist in clearing up discarded rubbish
• Contributing, compiling and editing of a quarterly newsletter outlining life at Pevensey Place as seen through the residents eyes
• Discos and parties to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays
• Visits from students from neighbouring schools and exchange students from abroad
• Keeping of individual pets and the responsibility that entails
• Social interaction with visitors and the community

There are 76 residents at Pevensey ranging in ages from 23-84 years. The residents develop deep and meaningful relationships with one another. They are taken on numerous excursions to game parks, picnics, sporting events, agricultural shows and any events of interest in the community.

We also host and assist with many fundraising activities. The Pevensey Fete is held annually and funds are raised through the sale of meat, eggs, embroidered items and pot plants. All of these items are made or collected by the residents themselves. Pevensey also makes pancakes at local sports events in the community such as Joburg2c, Sani2c and the Drak Challenge.

We attend local sports events as well. Those who are strong swimmers are encouraged to enter the Midmar Mile every year and we are very proud of our residents, some who now have 13 years worth of medals to show for their achievements.

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