Village Safe Haven

charity profile

The Village Safe Haven is a registered Non-Profit Organisation. An Alternative Care Centre to orphaned, abandoned and abused children, known as a Cluster Foster Care Facility, as well as an acting place of safety.

We believe that every child in need deserves a home; therefore we operate on a first come first served basis. We house children of any age provided that they are in need and are placed legally in the Social Services System.

We have moved away from the institution style children’s care centres and have created homes for our children. We have three full time homes, volunteers’ quarters, as well as a Learning Centre which is home to our very own pre-school and homework/computer and study centre.

Some children come and some go, but what matters is no matter how long they stay, we give them the love and the home they need in their time of restoration. We believe in raising our children with love, and stress the importance of education to them for the duration of their stay with us.

We operate according to strict principles and values and believe in quality care, with the emphasis on love in everything we do. We believe that after love and care, every child should have the right to a quality education suitable to his/her abilities and needs. All this will mould them into young adults of excellence whom we can proudly integrate into society. Persons of worth who will in turn offer love and care to others as they have received it.

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