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Project Gateway was set up officially in 1992 as a social outreach of the churches in Pietermaritzburg, although it had already been operating unofficially since the late 1980s.

Project Gateway is a church-based organisation governed by a set of core values and a statement of faith developed by the co-working churches. These values are intrinsic to the structure of the organisation and define how it is managed and governed on a day to day basis.

The vision of Project Gateway is to see local churches mobilised in the areas of Care, Education, and Empowerment, and to provide a model and resource base for the city of Pietermaritzburg and the surrounding communities. Project Gateway also aims to be self sustaining as far as possible and therefore, a number of profit making ventures are in place. These include tours of The Old Prison in which we are based, the sale of crafts made by local people, the hiring out of conference venues on site and our popular Volunteers and Teams programme. We also have two charitable trusts operating on our behalf - one based in the UK (PCF Gateway Trust), and one in the USA (The American Fund for Charities).


aQuelle Midmar Mile

Gateway Christian School is one of the programmes run by Project Gateway. Anyone who would like to swim a “sponsored swim” at the aQuelle Midmar Mile which will assist the needy children at Gateway Christian School, please contact the School Secretary on 033-342 1139 or the General Manager at Project Gateway on 033-845 0400 and we will gladly work with you regarding this.

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