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It is no secret that South Africa's education system is currently in a state of crisis.

The PIRLS (Progress in International Reading and Literacy Study) 2016 report gave the results of one of the most scientific studies yet- 12810 pupils were tested from 293 schools - on the state of reading among Grade 4 pupils in South Africa. This study found that almost eight out of 10 children cannot read. 78% of children in the grade sound words but do not understand the meaning of what they read.

If you think that statistic is terrifying, the report then announces that when compared with the 49 other countries in the study, South Africa is dead last; that's right, 50th behind the likes of Iran and Kuwait.

Our Learners and Educators need all the help they can get. This is a HUGE challenge, and we are but the tip of the ice berg.

Edunova is a non-profit organisation that operates nationally, we have been in existence for 12 years.

At Edunova we believe that to provide real hope for our children's futures we need to enhance their:

  • Educational experience - we use ICT to enhance the learner experience, using technology as a tool to engage learners and enhance academic performance.
  • 21st century skills - in an ever changing technological environment we believe that our children need to be fully computer literate to fully function in the outside world.

We do this by rolling out a holistic whole school approach to beneficiary schools, our main areas of focus being:

  • Leadership Development - we start by getting the school leadership team on board, this is the best way to ensure the long term sustainability of our projects
  • Educator Professional Development - firstly we teach educators how to be computer literate,  then teach them how to use ICT to present the curriculum to learners and to enhance their lesson plans
  • Learner support - we provide after school support to learners, teaching them 21st century skills. We make educational software available to enhance their learning experience and promote academic performance.
  • Learning Centres - we set up learning centres where learners & educators can come to an environment that has the necessary ICT infrastructure and support available to assist their learning.
  • IT Internship - we train unemployed youth to support school's ICT labs as well as to support educators and learners with the usage of ICT.

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