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Sea Rescue is a charity staffed by volunteers who are on call, day and night throughout the year. We have rescue bases along the coast and on inland dams. Our rescue crew are not paid and we do not charge the people who we rescue. Our goal is to prevent drowning through education, through preventative measures and through rescue. Year after year we update and improve on our skills and techniques and we continuously investigate new technologies.

We visit schools around the country teaching children about water safety, what to do in an emergency and how to do basic hands-on CPR. We have build an online training centre and for our crew and extended this platform to include free courses for the public as well. other preventative measures include emergency signage, Pink Rescue Buoys for flotation, Lifeguards and active patrols during peak season.



We love the sea and combine this love with our commitment to help others.

We have strong family values as individuals, as stations and as an organisation.

We care about people. The medical care that we provide extends this value to the people we rescue.

We are a proud organisation. Proud of the service we deliver, proud of each other and proud to be South African.

We are accountable to the people who we serve, for the service that we deliver and to each other for support.

We value the safety of our crews and that of our patients above everything. And we don’t compromise in ensuring their well-being at sea.

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