Terence Parkin is raising funds for Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation

Terence Parkin is embarking on a 1120km epic challenge for the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation

Renowned athlete and Olympic Medalist Terence Parkin is once again taking on an incredible test of stamina and strength in an effort to raise money for the Deaf Children's Learn to Swim and Water Safety Programme. 

Parkin himself was born deaf and overcame his personal challenges to become the most celebrated Deaflympic athlete in the world and a silver medal winner in the 2000 Summer Olympics.

Terence is an Ambassador for the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation who has recently qualified as the only deaf CPR Coach in South Africa.  These funds being raised will assist him to visit Deaf Schools to not only teach children how to administer CPR but also to teach the adult educators how to administer CPR.  This is over and above the swimming lessons that he will be giving throughout the year.

To Raise Funds Terence intends to do the following:

• a 5-day Mountain bike cycle tour from Johannesburg to Midmar Dam – 903km

• swimming 17kms at the aQuelle Midmar Mile

• running 80km from Midmar Dam to the start of the Dusi Canoe Marathon

• 3 days of the Dusi Canoe Marathon – 120kms

He is looking for sponsorship to help raise funds for his cause.

overall progress

raised R54 820,00 goal R100 000,00



Name Message Donation
Claire Sternberg Well done for your achievement! You're real champion! R500
Andre Neethling Well done R100
Yvonne C Unbelievable, you had done it all the way from St Vincent School to the end! You never gave up. Amazing!!!! R300
Gabriel & Vera Well done Iron man. You got hurt and don't give up till finished. Hat off for u. R250
BTA You are not quitter... You teach us to "never give up!" Well done Ter! R250
Ken Burt Just keep going. Amazing endurance and will to finish - enjoyed the reports on the Duzi finish! R1 000
Nadine gnesin Absolutely incredible achievement!!! You are a true inspiration! R500
Eileen & Martin Murphy Congratulations! You are our inspiration. Amazing. Hats off to you!! R500
Claire Keyser Terence I am speechless 😶 you are just such an inspiration and a true ambassador for the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation! You have done them proud! R1 000
AW laser Well done R1 500
Andrew Birtwhistle absolute inspiration. Congratulations R500
HuskyRomi Rescue and wolf sanctuary An inspiration to others R500
Waldo Moolman Terrence you’re DEAFPOWER i know you do a BIG help for children wow BIG HEART !! You work VERY hard for this i never see LIKE that , is a hardest work as ever what you do and you have a lots of a pain and tired wow Terence wow you’re Legend!!So Proud R3 000
Didier and Nicolette Peinke Well done bud!!! You dedicated to not give up the goal even u on crutches to end. I can't Imagine to gruesome more than thousand of km with cycle, swim, run, dusi and walk with crutches. Keep it up. R500
Angus McFarlane Such a legend of a human! R500
helen & Anton Wenhold We are proud of you and your achievements. Well done! R500
D DUKE Well done Terence, you are a legend R3 500
Clive & Lyndsay Schlachter Well done Terence. You are an inspiration to us all. R2 000
John Tucker Well done Terrence. Awesome effort and dedication. R1 000
Shaun-Lee Jones Way to go bud. You done a fantastic journey for children of needs. Well done. U deserve another good Medal for those 1120Km. R500
JMK You are an inspiration. Thank you. R1 000
Alta Keyter Meeting you has changed my life. Thank you!!!!! R1 000
Wedgewood Nougat (RACEFOOD) You're inspirational with your enthusiasm and passion and zest for life!! Well done on this amazingly phenomenal challenge! R10 000
Mark & Tracey Marshall You’re such an inspiration to so many! R2 000
Theophilus Van Rensburg Lindzter Your courage and deep care for what truly matters in life raise our spirits and deepen our gratitude. R300
Jana Vorster R200
Kurt Alpers Well done, Terence!! Keep it up! You do us all proud! R500
ADreach Best of luck for this incredible cause! R10 000
Gail Shankland Great ambassador to the cause. Wishing you all the best. R500
Jay Meier It's only mad people that change the world. Good luck guys! R500
Val Silva5 Terence, your immense determination is incredible. You can literally move mountains. Wishing you a safe journey. We are with you all the way. All eyes on the prize! R500
David Silva Charge ahead and be the living proof that the impossible exists only if we think it is impossible. I am in awe of your single-minded pursuit of a better world and I always will be in awe. Make the world safer for the kids. R400
KINGSMEAD COLLEGE Kingsmead College wishes you all the best! R5 000
Keith Parkin Man machine. Go Terence, good luck. R1 000
STEPHEN AND SUSI All the very best, we are behind you all the way, good luck!!!!!!! R220
George Archibald Terence you are a champion. R2 000
graham Parker off the back of our conversation over coffee after our ride this morning - good luck! R500
Chris Ogden Good luck with raising the money. Midmar 2019! R400
Shirley Ogden I'm swimming two events at midmar mile this year and I am absolutely in awe of everything you are doing to raise funds for this unbelievable foundation. Good luck for your epic challenge, I look forward to hearing about it when you are done. R400

The primary objective of The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation is to save lives by having a global impact on drowning statistics.

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