Dominique Straub is raising funds for Chad le Clos Foundation

In February of 2021 I will be taking part in the 8 Mile Charity Challenge, the world’s largest open water event. This will be my second Midmar Mile, and I am looking forward to raising money for the Friends of Swimmers Trust/Chad le Clos Foundation.


Friends of Swimmers Trust has 3 objectives:

* To provide learn-to-swim opportunities to previously disadvantaged communities.

* To provide funding to South African elite swimmers to enable them to race in international competitions.

* The Trust/Foundation identifies talented swimmers within its programs by offering long-term guidance and support, which can allow them a career in professional sport.


I believe everyone should have an opportunity to reach their goals no matter the circumstances, including young swimmers. Could you please support me in reaching my goal of R5,000 for the Friends of Swimmers Trust Charity. Any amount of donation will be appreciated.


Thank you

Dominique Straub

overall progress

raised R5 000,00 goal R5 000,00



Name Message Donation
Dorian Straub R5 000

Friends of Swimmers Trust including the Chad le Clos Foundation
011 083 84 83