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The Chad Le Clos Foundation is currently involved in numerous programmes aimed at upskilling the youth of South Africa.  The Foundation programmes are based on the 4 Pillars of Development necessary to achieve an ongoing improvement and development of the youth of South Africa.

  1. Funding the Development of Swimming. For Example Liv Village, a well-known Non Profit Organisation based in Kwa Zulu Natal has engaged with the Foundation to assist with the existing and future development of their many orphan children. Weekly programmes are conducted to teach water safety so they may enjoy. These water wise and water safety programmes are the focus of a national campaign to reduce drownings and increase the enjoyment of our many water ways in South Africa.
  2. Funding the Development of the Teachers. There is a critical shortage of skilled trainers to train the youth of South Africa. The Foundation has a number of programmes around South Africa that they have invested in and earmarked to assist with the free education of trainers that show passion for development of the youth of South Africa. A percentage of the of the funds raised during the Midmar Mile are earmarked for these programmes.
  3. Funding of critical pool equipment. There is a dire shortage of pool equipment. Water safety training and swim training can not be trained professionally with out this equipment. Kick boards, pull bouys, swimming pool flags are all essential learn to swim equipment. This is being funded and will be funded by the Foundation.
  4. Funding the development of swimmers that do not have the funding themselves. This is the final step in swimming development. Those swimmers that are identified through these programmes are then financially assisted to develop their skills on an ongoing basis. The funding for this will come from the Foundation to ensure a consistent and methodical approach to their development.
  5. Funding for the construction and development of the Chad Le Clos Foundation Aquatic Centre in Kwa Zulu Natal.


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