Tamryn Giles is raising funds for Chad le Clos Foundation

Swimming and running are magical moments in a day that allow me to process. According to medical research, 87% of illnesses that plague us today are the result of our thought life: what we think affects us emotionally and physically.

With swimming I become a better stronger person and that allows me to help make other situations better too.

Please assist me in supporting this foundation that aims to advance the development, participation and performance of all South Africans within the sport of swimming.

We can change our beliefs


'Your beliefs become your thoughts

Your thoughts become your words

Your words become your actions

Your actions become your habits

Your habits become your values

Your values become your destiny'

 - Mahatma Gandhi

overall progress

raised R7 700,00 goal R5 000,00



Name Message Donation
Kim & Craig All the best Tam! Well done you’re going to SMASH this!! 💥💥 R1 000
Seanagh Graham Wishing you all the very best Tam. xx R100
Belinda G You are an inspiration. Thank you💕 R300
JL Dinkel Proud of you ❤ R300
Kate Butlin You are an inspiration Tam xxx R150
Melanie So proud of you my friend!Keep up the good fight, keep running the race(or swim🏊) keep the faith ♥ R200
Lauren richards You are a superstar! Good luck & well done! R300
Ashley Pillay Good luck and well done R250
Nicki Arkell Good luck Tam Wam!! Lots of love, am proud of you. Xx R300
Paul & Lorr Hodkin Good luck! R400
Shelly Moreno You go girl! R300
Cara, Garrett and Rohan All the best Tam, enjoy the 🏊 you are brilliant xx R400
MJ Good job. Keep it up 💪🏻 From us R350
Bev Philpot You’ve got this Tam. Enjoy the training & the event. R250
Jonny Go Tam. (You are mad) R400
Warren Davidson Nice Tam!!!! Good luck with this! R3 000

Friends of Swimmers Trust including the Chad le Clos Foundation

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