Charity 8 Challenge 2024

Warwick Henley is raising funds for Chad Le Clos Foundation

Looking forward to swimming my second 8-mile Charity swim in support of the Chad Le Clos foundation. Of all the noble charities supported by The Midmar Mile the Chad Le Clos foundation, I feel, best fits the event - by improving water safety and saving just one life, we have all won!

overall progress

raised R12 650,00 goal R10 000,00



Name Message Donation
Terrific Tupperware raffle R2 500
Davidson Clan Congrats Warwick this is incredible. You make us feel lazy R1 000
Christie Family Congratulations on a wonderful achievement. R500
Kendall family Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.🐠🐠 🐠🐠 R500
Jenny Goddard Good luck Warwick R500
Leanne Woods You’ve got this! Well done on supporting this amazing initiative x R250
Henley Berlin Good luck from all of us Warwick! R500
Carl Rohrbeck Go Go El'Capitein R250
Marlene Just keep swimming. In awe of what you are doing. Good luck. R500
Alison All the best Warwick! Well done R300
Kasia Pierce Good Luck!!! R500
Abby & Brett Well done Warwick! R400
Phillip Fortuin Good luck Warwick! R500
Grant Henley (Botjie) Love you Dad! Good luck for your swims. R100
Rachel Henley (your favorite Daughter) Goodluck Dad I know you can do it ❤️ R100
Marie Ribeiro R1 500
Katharine Liese All the best Warwick! Swim for us all. I'll be doing one in the pool to support 💪 R500
Robbie Searle Good luck Warwick! R250
Benwood manufacturing Good luck Warwick R1 000
Penny Super proud! R500
Monika Kraushaar You are a legend Warwick! All the best, you've got this! Enjoy and congrats on doing this for such a worthy cause as well. R500

Friends of Swimmers Trust including the Chad Le Clos Foundation

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