Charity 8 Challenge 2024

Jason William Gaskell is raising funds for Chad Le Clos Foundation

Hey folks!

I'm Jason—the actuary attempting to create a splash in the international health insurance sea. You might wonder why a numbers guy is swapping spreadsheets for swimsuits in the aQuelle Midmar Mile Charity Challenge, but trust me, it's more thrilling than any data dive.

In 2022, I cannonballed into the Charity 8 Mile like it was the coolest pool party of the year. Why? Because South Africa's drowning stats are scarier than a Monday morning meeting, and I'm on a mission to face both head-on.

As an aficionado of endurance races, I find the mental challenge as refreshing as a chilled pinot gris on a scorching summer day—think Sudoku for the soul, but with more splashing. I'm not just chasing personal records; I'm making a splash for a cause close to my heart—the Chad Le Clos Foundation.

With my employer Discovery's mission to "make people healthier and enhance and protect their lives" ringing in my swim cap, I'm channeling that energy into the water. Join me in this aquatic escapade, where we'll conquer waves and statistics alike. Let's contribute to the Chad Le Clos Foundation, proving that making a difference can be as revitalizing as a cannonball on a sizzling Dezemba day.

Take the plunge with me, and let's create some tidal waves for change!

overall progress

raised R28 360,00 goal R25 000,00



Name Message Donation
Despina Don-Wauchope I know we are late at getting to this, but well done for contributing to a great cause! R1 000
Shaheena Pandor R1 000
Trevor and Jill Schefermann Great achievement Well done R1 000
WM Dales R500
Priscilla Bond Keep up the good work R1 000
ari zadikov go go go R360
Malcolm Prew Enjoy the swim. R2 000
Ilandi Gordon Such a great cause! Enjoy the swim R500
RT Stegen R1 000
Jodi Levine You got this! R300
Don & Ingrid Kruger We so proud of you! Enjoy the challenge! R1 000
Jaco Grobbelaar Now you donate to my fundraiser! Way to go JG!!! R1 000
Ryan and Johnathan You got this! R700
Gregory Carter Keep Making a difference from the ground up R10 000
Graham Gaskell R5 000
Natalie Gaskell Will join you next year So proud of you always wanting to help and grow people to be their best R2 000

Friends of Swimmers Trust including the Chad Le Clos Foundation

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