Jason Raath is raising funds for CHOC

Let's get this show on the road. I need to raise R20,000 in aid of CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Like last year, you'll get your thanks in the pool. 1 Mile for every R100 donated. Although the target is 200 miles, I'm quite prepared to do more should you be feeling particularly generous.

Please help me support this unbelievable cause as I embark on my 3rd 8 Mile Club adventure.

overall progress

raised R23 190,00 goal R20 000,00



Name Message Donation
Anonymous 16 next year please! R4 730
Gary Berkowitz R100
Johnson Skerritt You’re the best uncle ever! I am not worthy!!! R100
Johan Stadler Let’s do better next year!!! R3 000
Anonymous This is nearing the end... R1 500
mike Lwambwa Go Boy!!! R500
Anonymous Go Boy! R410
Saveshen Pillay A bit late but well done man! R250
Margaret Jeanette Ellse Proud of you Jason. Hope you get this. Lots of love Nan R300
Corrie Well done on coming second for your group! And just thinking of driving 8 miles makes me tired. R1 000
jOHN vERSFELD Just keep swimming.. Just keep swimming.. R400
Rosebud Norton Such a worthy cause- a huge well done R500
Nick & Mish Legendary effort! R250
Michael Porter Give it horns R500
charles lord go Jason R1 000
Bhupesh Koovarjee Two miles needed R200
King Crispy Great effort bud. Keep going R600
Nicole Smit Good luck Jason! R200
Timothy Adams If swimming is so good for your figure then you have a lot of explaining to do! All the best, Jiggy! R150
Andrew Newell Good luck, tough guy! Keep the miles ticking over. R200
Alecia Hilt Happy Birthday! R200
Ryan S Well done jigg! R300
rhulani Manganyi All the best JR. R200
James Arnold Good luck Jason. All the best R500
Rishik Prag Words of encouragement - I'll have a whiskey waiting for you at the finish line :) R100
Penny Mocke Good luck Jiggy! (such a great cause). The Mocke Clan wish you well - Just don't know where you get all this energy from?! R400
Bradley Newton All the best Jason R100
Cleopatra Prince Go Jason. R100
Karabo Senatla Good luck Jiggy R200
Stephen Venter GOODLUCK BUD R500
grant Cowen R900
glenn watson all the best R100
Glenys Thomas Great cause! Clock those miles, JR! (Kev and Glenys) R400
FNB Private Wealth Premium Team Thank you for participating in such an amazing cause. We support you all the way! R2 000
Wendy McFadden This is a great cause- all the best..... R300
Brent Marlton From BAM & Moira R1 000

Supporting children with cancer and life-threatening blood disorders, and their families; improving early detection and facilitating effective treatment.

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