lauren lowry is raising funds for Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife

After 21 Midmar Miles and many other endurance races, I thought it was about time I swam all 8 Midmar Miles.

overall progress

raised R17 300,00 goal R10 000,00



Name Message Donation
Steve and Erika Hey Gal, now you making me feel guilty!!! Go for it and good luck! R200
Kim Riggien Good luck Lol!! R200
van der horst clan xx All the best Lauren you are just such a super star - the challenge was there and you took it!!! R350
Sal and Warren Veenman Do us proud as only you can mate R200
alli And Merv Best of luck Lol R300
alli & Merv Best of luck Lol R300
carolyn stack All the best Lauren. You are amazing R400
nikki Gersbach Good Luck Lauren R500
Brent Hean All the very best on your brave Effort Lauren , from Brent,Noelene,Matt and Jordi R1 000
Tina and Gary Best of luck beautiful lady R200
Bev & Jose Da Costa Good Luck Lolly - you got this!!! R1 000
Laura and Craig Butler Good luck Lolly - just keep swimming!! Make us proud. Love Lau & Craig R250
Ash Goooooo Lauren! R200
claudette Good Luck Lauren! Enjoy it. R300
Steven and Loren Main So much of training! You got this! R500
The Frosties Go for it Lol. You’ve trained hard, you’re ready! Enjoy! R500
Hylton and Michelle Good luck Freak ! R400
peter Foulis Give it horns Lauren! Wait for me at the end R250
Peter lowry Good luck Koeks R1 000
Sharon Bell I take my swimming cap of to you. Best of luck + enjoy xxx R100
Luv Wood Good luck my friend R400
The Benzies Enjoy every stroke. Will swim one with you 😘 R500
Loryn Holmes From one Rhino Supporter to another! Don't wait for me ..... I'll do my best to catch up! R200
Carryn Tennent Go for it - nail it! R350
The Holds Well done and best wishes R500
Anne east Train well and pace yourself and you will ACE it. I remember well you making Dad have a No.2 haircut if he was to swim Midmar with you as he kept stopping to flick his hair out of his eyes when training!! Sending lots of love, Mom xx R500
Jules & Mitch Well done Lauren! Enjoy it 😘 R250
The Obies Good luck, Lauren! R500
Carol jessop Super impressed! Good luck and enjoy! R300
John and belinda lomax Good luck on the swim and your fundraising. Eleven years on and we still think of you all R500
Melinda west Good luck Lollipop. I will always remember how you used to fall asleep in English, after your hectic swim sessions, and I'd have to wake you when Mrs Smith gave you the eyeball. Xx R500
Annette I challenge David Sternberg and any of his fellow bearded brothers, lumberjacks, vikings, hipsters and hobos to match or better my donation! Go Lauren! R250
vicky Lolly, you will ace it, so proud of you xxxx R500
cheryl & brad Good Luck Lol!! R500
Wendy Hollingsworth You are amazing Lol - I have absolutely no doubt that you are going to do this! R500
JENNY EAST Good luck for the 8 Mile. Know you can do it, love Nigel & Jenny R1 000
CAROLYN ROCHAT Go smash it Lauren! Will swim one with you :) R300
DALE JOHNSON Go Girl ! I am 7 swims behind you .. ha ha ! Enjoy ! R200
Peter & Jenny Atkinson The water won’t be the same colour as Croatia but enjoy your swim all the same. R400
Anonymous Will be a walk in the park for you 👍🏻👍🏻 R1 000

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