Cassidy Muller is raising funds for Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife

Save the Rhino is a charity I feel strongly about. My aim is to create more awareness and raise funds in aid to stop the poaching of Rhinos.

By assisting me in making a donation towards Save the Rhino. Together we can help save the Rhino for future generations.

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Mission and Vision is:

Vision:   All five rhino species thriving in the wild for future generations

Mission: Collaborating with partners to support endangered rhinos in 
              Africa and Asia


Strategies: To conserve viable populations of rhinos in the wild by: 

  • Raising funds to protect and increase rhino numbers and population distribution in African and Asian range states
  • Facilitating the exchange of technical support and information between rhino conservation stakeholders
  • Working with programme partners to develop community participation in rhino conservation initiatives at levels appropriate to each site
  • Supporting evidence-based demand-reduction work to disrupt and reduce the trafficking of illegal rhino horn into consumer countries
  • Raising awareness of the challenges facing rhinos, engaging supporters and inspiring positive, urgent action

Together with an enabling strategy:

  • Measuring, evaluating and improving effectiveness across all areas of our work.

overall progress

raised R12 400,00 goal R10 000,00



Name Message Donation
Nambithi Pest control Good luck Cass R500
Anonymous Good luck Cass very proud of you R300
Ladysmith Pharmacy R500
Thys and susara Jacobs wishing you all the best Cass R500
Manie congrats Cas with your dedication R1 000
Ange Du Preez Dear Cassidy Congrats on your 10th midmar mile and your dedication towards Rhino Conservation. Enjoy the day we are all so proud of you R500
anonymous all the best Cassidy R500
anonymous Good Luck Cass with your swim. Will be thinking of you R450
Glassfit Good Luck Cassidy R400
polyung bags wishing you all the very best Cass, R1 000
Steve Tandy Keep up the good work Cassidy. We are proud of you. R1 000
Shu&Joe Good luck Cassidy!!! R1 000
Motor Factors Good Luck, we know you can do it. we will be thinking of you R1 500
Ladysmith Autohause Good luck Cass R500
Marks tyres All the best Cass R500
Anonymous Good luck Cass R1 000
Paagon Insurance Brokers Good luck Cassidy - we know you can do it R500
Donation Good luck! R250

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