Caren Naudé is raising funds for PinkDrive

Early detection saves lives! By sponsoring me you are helping someone from a disadvantaged community receive a potentially life-saving mammogram! After a successful shoulder operation to repair a severed tendon I am back in training for the 2018 aQuellé Midmar Mile. Every donation, no matter how big or small will impact positively on someone's life: PinkDrive currently runs three “Pink” mobile breast check units, as well as six  educational cars. All  units travel to semi-urban and urban areas around South Africa with the aim of enabling numerous  disadvantaged communities access to diagnostic mammography screening, education, physical examinations and how to do breast self-examination.

overall progress

raised R12 150,00 goal R10 000,00



Name Message Donation
Henry Beath Well done R500
F Good luck Caren! R200
Sam Selmer-Olsen Happy swimming Caren. R500
Marise Go Caren!!! Once again you’re such an inspiration x R1 000
Pierre naude Have fun and feign fatigue in the final swim R500
Kim Anderssen What a wonderful cause 💞 Thank you & happy swimming. R200
Adele Kimble For you my special dolphin! Love and miss you heaps! R240
Rosemary Clark Enjoy your swims! R200
Jake lewis Just don’t stop moving those arms cause that way you drown. Swim hard and 😉 R200
Karen James R150
Irene Laurie Good luck Caren all the best from Irene and John R300
Nadine Gnesin Awesome!!! Have a wonderful swim! R360
Brenda Hartslief Very proud of my sister!!! Good luck 💖 R500
charmaine Chamani Thank goodness for people like you who make it easy for people like me.... R500
Belinda phillips 💕 R500
Heather Campbell Will join you for at least one swim. Have fun xxx R300
Janet Naude R1 000
Sarah Hartslief Thank you for doing what you do♡ R200
Fern van de Pol Best of luck! R200
Anette Burger Good luck Caren! R500
Brenda Gerber Thank you for saving lives and making a difference in our world. R2 500
Ron Wallace R1 000
Terrie Lewis So proud of you my friend xx R100
Navin Dayaram R500

Our Mission is to spread the message that ‘Early detection can prolong a life’.
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