Richard Townsend is raising funds for Singakwenza

Hi All,

Its an absolute privilege to be given the opportunity to support Singakwenza once again, in the 2018 Midmar, 8-mile challenge.

Through the year (2017) I was fortunate to see the "Singakwenza Team" at work in the training and development of teachers and care givers, on how to make educational toys from garbage. Followed by an explanation and demonstration of the educational and motor skills gained by young children playing with these toys.

I witnessed the teachers and the care givers discussing and marveling at how this training will change the lives of the children in their communities.

This is truly a fantastic charity, developing our youth, creating employment opportunities and re-cycling our disposable waste. Concerns close to all of our hearts.

Your support is highly appreciated.

Kind regards

Richard Townsend.

overall progress

raised R16 350,00 goal R15 000,00



Name Message Donation
Thembeka Thobei Enjoy it again Richy- it's a great thing you do R200
Beverley Anne To my amazing man, I am blessed with heaven's best and it a privilege to support you for this fundraiser. You inspire & encourage every1 you meet. Well done on your 8 miles, there are more to come. Love always R700
City Deep R500
Eduardo Construction R1 000
The 50 Club Hi Richard! Congrats to you! Colin Morgan put your name forward to our "50 CLUB' , where a bunch of people donate R50 a month to help causes that are motivated. So we are donating R1000 to your fundraising... R1 000
Ryan Townsend Give it your best , Dad R400
Pieter du Toit R500
Richard Townsend KJ, Kirst and Steve. R500
Pearl & Andrew O'Mahony You are a true inspiration to us all, we think you are simply amazing! Looking forward to seeing you in the tent. R100
Katija Beaumont R500
Claire Logan-Delage R650
Richard Townsend Dr. Herman Bernitz R200
Stupel R5 000
Julie Hay R200
Colin Morgan Richard you are unbelievably STRONG and a committed person. I take my hat off to you! Go Rich Go! R500
Richard Townsend Ryan and Caleb R2 000
Lesley Martin Good luck and thanks for all you are doing R400
Richard Townsend Go for it R2 000

Singakwenza, meaning “We can do it!”, is a non-profit organisation based in Kwa-Zulu Natal which builds sustainable Early Childhood Education programmes in economically disadvantaged communities, using recycling to make resources.
033 343 1650