Bhavaniya Moodliar is raising funds for Mandeville Disability Swimming

This will be my fourth Midmar Mile Swim and my first 8 mile. I am very excited to be able to help make a difference towards this swimming club. One of the most rewarding parts of 8 Mile is being able to hand over funds towards your desired charity. I hope that I will be able to hand my funds to Mandeville Disabled swimming.


overall progress

raised R12 300,00 goal R10 000,00



Name Message Donation
Pooven Good luck! R500
Sugendhree Reddy Great initiative Bhavaniya. Bed wishes for your swim. R750
Matt Good luck for the big swim ! R200
Nalini Moodley Well done Bhavaniya, really proud of you!! R300
Alex Great initiative!! R150
Sharen & Lance Mandry All the best. R500
Grandma & Tha-Tha All the best Bhavaniya ! R200
Natashia All the best R500
Sydney Reddy All the best Bhavaniya from Uncle Sydney and the entire Reddy family. R500
Theresa Padayachee Best wishes Bhavaniya on your 8 mile swim. God Bless R300
Pavan and thivyn govender All the best B. Undoubtedly a meritorious gesture. We are extremely proud of you😘 R500
Charles Padayachee All the best .Thank you for being a humanitarian. Regard Charles Padayachee R1 000
Yash & Seyon Naidu All the best B we are proud of your achievements. R500
George & Tracey All the best. Your heart is in the right place. R500
Reg Naidoo Wishing you all the best. R500
Kumeshini Naidoo Good Luck Bhavania Moodliar R100
Seggie Kistasamy Well done and Good Luck R500
Jorrit R200
Dale R200
Yuvika Well done. Such an inspiring gesture. R200
Chuvasen Good luck ! R100
Nadine smith Well done! I share ur passion for swimming & great inspiration to do it for a good cause! R500
rowena R100
Keemaya And Uven You are a true inspiration to us. R500
varisha naidoo Best of luck 😘 R300
Ohara Ramaloo All the best Bhavaniya, you are an inspiration to your cousin. R1 000
Tholsie Moodliar Best wishes Bhavanya. We are proud of you. R200
Kubanthree Pather Best wishes Bhavanya. R200
Sairushka Naidu All the best 🙂 R300
Sarvashni Moodliar All the best Bhavaniya for your 8 mile swim , we are so proud of you !! R1 000

MDS is home to the largest and strongest squad of disability swimmers in South Africa

082 8076948