SANDF Swimming Team is raising funds for PinkDrive

We have a formidable team in the SANDF made up of all the Arms of Service, viz SA Army, SA Air Force, SA Navy and SA Medical health Services, compromising of both men and women and of all Races, including disabled members.

We have close to 60 SANDF members entered into the Swim and of these members, about 20 are partaking in what is known as the Pink Drive for Cancer. In order to form part of the 8 Mile Club, it is requested of participants to collect donations for a specific Cause or Drive and we are on board to support the "Pink Drive" against Cancer. However, to realise this, we depend on kind contributions from members of Industry (or individuals) who will support this Drive and the gruelling effort the swimmers will undergo in lieu of making a difference.

Should you wish to be involved with this worthy cause, we would greatly appreciate any donation towards this endeavour. Your contribution, however small, will go a long way in making the efforts of this Organisation a lot easier and so much more worthwhile, as it is really an unthinkable task, but will help boost the morale of all the people involved with it and help realize that their hard work is not in vain.

Together with your backing as far as donations are concerned, we will deliver our side of the partnership be completing all 8 Miles of swimming at the Midmar Mile Swim.

Thank you so much for taking time to read this, your interest in our venture and for your anticipated contribution.

overall progress

raised R41 451,00 goal R40 000,00



Name Message Donation
Francois du toit For Jacqueline du Toit R2 000
Chrissie Jay Yes finally got to my admin, better late than never. Knew you'd both do well R250
Francois du Toit For Francois Du Toit R2 000
Mike Rogers Good luck and good swimming, Willie R500
Gerhard Lourens Good luck Team SANDF! (for Guy du Sautoy) R1 000
Nondumiso Thakgudi Wishing u well Tiger...have fun. Also sending a word of hope, luv and encouragement to the survivors. R500
Guy du Sautoy R100
Lizle Forget 4x4, it's 8X8 ;) R300
Quentin Hepburn good luck Candice Bracher R2 000
Mark G Mark Goad R2 000
Inge Craig Moore - in pink R100
Ronelle Steyn Lekker swem! R320
Nicky Good Luck du Sautoy ! Have fun :-) R200
Ashley Magrath For A Magrath R2 000
Ingrid Botha Donations to Ingrid Botha from NCG Unit members for the Pink Drive R730
Petro Labuschagne From The Bicycle Company Good Luck R2 000
denise & Robert Spark Good luck and enjoy. R250
Linda Kloeck Guy du Satoy - well done Guy! R1 250
Judy Vanderwagen Go Willie go! R300
Bruce & Liezel Allen R400
Anja #savage R300
Bev Good luck Craig! R1 000
Calvin Pike Uncle Craig Moore R200
jeanne topliss Witness the fitness Craig R500
Daisy du Plessis Good luck Craig R100
Madelyn Burger-Smith You GO Girl! Nicky Struwig R300
Natasha Botha Ingrid Botha for The Pink Drive. R200
Emma R200
Nic Claassen Nic Claassen R2 000
Anta Swart Lekker swem Nicky Struwig R100
Morne Pretorius Good luck Tiaan Rossouw!! R2 000
Robert "Rusty" Higgs Sterkte Rusty! R2 000
Jennifer Prinsloo Sterkte Jenny! R2 000
Lucricia Koesyn To Nicky Struwig R100
Bernadine Nagel Sterke Nicky Struwig R100
Lourens Badenhorst Vir Nicky Struwig R100
Brian Snooke For Nicky Struwig R200
Martie de Beer + kids Vir Nicky Struwig R80
Cheryl du Sautoy For Guy du Sautoy R200
Robert Swanepoel Donation to Eugene de Wet from Blizparts R1 000
Liz de Lange Ingrid Botha for the Pink Drive R400
Jeanne Pringle for Guy du Sautoy R100
Caroline Pringle For Guy du Sautoy R1 000
William Jay For William Jay R2 001
William Jay "Cherry Bear" R2 000
Jean de Klerk For Guy du Sautoy R200
David de Beer For Nicky Struwig R220
Vanessa For Guy du Sautoy R250
Nikki Horn To Ingrid Botha for Pink Drive R150
Thereza Botha Ingrid Botha for the Pink Drive R500
TWANET & cOLETTE Ingrid Botha for the PINK DRIVE (from Twanet & Colette) R500
Eugene de Wet Donation to Eugene de Wet (SANDF Swimming) for PINK DRIVE R1 000
Johann Botha R250

Our Mission is to spread the message that ‘Early detection can prolong a life’.
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