Jessica Thomson is raising funds for Wildlands Conservation Trust

overall progress

raised R10 350,00 goal R10 000,00



Name Message Donation
Teegan Decided the charity was worth more than the R2 - wing it super-*:'#$ R50
Teegan R50
Kobus R200
The Jackson Family R500
The Curry's R200
Werner R100
Laurie R100
Grumpy R200
Sack (Gary) R100
Rob Earl R200
Parts Centre (Sam) R200
Shameer R300
Grandad R200
Phil Precious R200
Les R200
Kate Because only you can tell me it’s “just 8 miles” :) All the best Jess! R500
Vaughan robinson R200
Mark Christie R100
Howard Christie R100
Nathan Vodka lime and lemonade R200
Bugsy the King R100
Denis R200
Lance R100
Stan Kozlowski Thank You Caine Herr for your generous donation R1 000
David Lawless R400
Gavin Starr R100
Lynne Brooker (Nana) To my amazing crazy granddaughter R250
Robyn R100
Carol All the best Jess. R200
Gavin Tipper R500
Graham Brooker You Go Girl!!! R2 000
Wendy Bothma R500
Eric Bothma R1 000

Our work is focused on three core 'Wildlands Initiatives': Conservation Space, Sustainable Communities and Greening Your Future
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