Terri Stephenson Roetz is raising funds for Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife

overall progress

raised R12 000,00 goal R12 000,00



Name Message Donation
Terri Stephenson R950
Braehead Developmemt Congrats R4 000
Francis Roetz R200
Vivian Stephenson Good Luck my Terri, hope you have a good swim xxx R500
Connor Roetz Give me a few years to practice then Ill join you T!good luck! R200
Katja Good luck! R150
Lou steer To coin Dori- Just keep swimming just keep swimming! R200
Vinolen Ganesh Go on Terri!! R250
Fiona sreen Good luck Ters xxx R200
Jonathan Hall Wishing you plain sailing for thr race! R500
Angie Good luck!! R400
Roelene and Rajen R100
Jane Long R250
Mark V R100
Kathy Rutherford You can do it! R200
James Cain Very impressed. . .Good luck Terri!!! R200
Kammy Govender Good Luck Terri! R250
Mooks truscott You’re going to kill it! Swim T swim! R250
Hans and Corrie R100
Darylle Wooohoooooo! Go Terri! R100
Gordon Gooooo Terrrrrrrrrri! R200
Pierre Roetz Good luck R500
Terri Stephenson R200

To ensure effective conservation and sustainable use of KwaZulu-Natal's biodiversity in collaboration with stakeholders for the benefit of present and future generations.

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