Midmar 2019

The Midmar Mile takes place over the weekend of 9/10 February 2019. Once again, members of the 8 Mile Club will swim all 8 events for charity. With the fundraising reaching an incredible new high of R3.3m in 2018 how much can the 8 Mile Club of 2019 raise?

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Name Charity Target Current Total
Mandeville Disability Swimming R10 000 R8 200
CANSA R20 000 R2 000
CHOC R12 000 R150
CANSA R12 000 R500
CHOC R12 000 R0
CANSA R12 000 R0
CANSA R20 000 R4 500
CHOC R12 000 R0
CHOC R15 000 R0
CHOC R12 000 R0
Pink Drive R12 000 R0
CANSA R20 000 R0
Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife R12 000 R0
CHOC R12 000 R0
Pink Drive R12 000 R500
Singakwenza R20 000 R500

Midmar 8 Mile Club

The 8 Mile Club was started in 2004 by Stan Kozlowski and Mervyn Bremner. The objective is to raise funds for various charities by swimming all 8 events at the Midmar Mile.

Since 2004 The 8 Mile Club has raised millions of Rand.

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overall progress

raised over R10 000 000 goal R50 000 000

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